Files Sync, Music Doesn't Show Up

So before I had no trouble syncing up my music to my Sansa Fuze 8 GB, it synced and the music showed up. Everything was peachy.

But then I got a new computer, and I don’t remember there being anything to install, but maybe I’m just wrong. And if I am then I’m screwed cause I can’t find anything remotely like that.

Anyway. So I plug the thing in, and it wouldn’t even recognize it until I downloaded the Sansa Media Converter. (Of course I realize now that that is only for videos and pictures but apparently it came with something that helped my computer to recognize that my sansa was plugged in.)

So I add the songs (using WMP) and they sync up but when I go looking for them in the player they aren’t there. However, if I go into the file on My Computer and dig through it shows the files there loaded onto the sansa. So they’re there but it’s not recognizing it.

The player works fine otherwise so it’s not a problem I can detect other than guessing that my new computer might have something to do with it. 

What happens if you manually change the USB mode to MTP?

Nothing. It syncs up, but he doesn’t show on the player.

Where’d you get the songs from? What are their file formats (MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, ???)? If not licensed, try drag and drop using MSC mode.

Pretty much all of them are ripped from youtube through a media converter. They’re all MP3’s. But that actually worked. 

Thanks so much Chux, that was driving me absolutely insane. :D 

For brevity I will add: my new 8gb Fuze 2.x system in mtp mode will only show digital rights wma files. So, switching to msc mode solved the problem and just moved them over. It used to be much tuffer to do that until sandisk gave the software the file drag drop or easy copy/move capabiltiy…but in mtp mode the files used to show up too in my old Sansa e280. :smiley:

That is for internal memory, not neccesarily for external card. I think you can still do mtp mode for it. But, who would want to, with the external card it is much faster to plug it into a usb adapter and load it.

Then…wait for the fuze refresh…