SD card not recognized by Windows Media Player but there are songs on there!

Hi there, this may be related to my earlier post about unknown artist (for which i got no responses! :cry:).  Anyway, there’s a new bug now.  I reconnected to WMP, and it reads that I have an external sd card (which i do) but says there’s no songs on it (which there are).  Earlier, in WMP, it listed the songs when I clicked on the SD card .  It reads it as having only 1mb of space on the card, which would be accurate. 

I can play some songs on the device which are located on the external sd card (but those titled “unknown”).  I am so confused and this is absolutely frustrating and counterintuitive.  I’m going on a long trip in 2 days (of course!), and this is my first Sansa product.  I have NO IDEA what to do.  Please help

WMP is a curse! I find its synch oprtions counter-intuitive, and downright dangerous to the content  in your library or on the player.

What does Windows Explorer say is on the card? You can use it to drag & drop stuff to/from the player - for me it works better than WMP for managing content.

Depending on whether your Fuze is set to MTP or MSC in Settings->System Settings->USB Mode, the card will either show up as a directory under \My Computer\Sansa Fuze xGB or as a separate removeable disk with its own drive letter.

Also note that files you put on the Fuze internal memory in MTP mode are not visible to the PC when connected in MSC mode & vice versa. You can see stuff on the card in either mode, but the directory structure looks slightly different in MTP mode.

Don’t use WAV format - there are problems with the Fuze understanding them. MP3 works fine & uses less space. If you really want uncompressed audio, use FLAC.

Thanks a bunch!  Your take on WMP is spot-on.  Sometimes simpler is better.  I appreciate your insight.