Sansa Fuze Does Not Recognize SD Card


I added an SD card to increase the capacity of my Sansa Fuze, and have been using it for months with my car stereo.  It works fine when connected to my stereo via USB - all of the music on both internal memory and the new SD card play perfectly.

However I recently went on a trip and tried listening to my music directly through the headphones, and nothing on the new memory card is available from the list of music in the music menu.  It simply does not exist anywhere, in any folder, and thus couldn’t be accessed.

Any idea why this would happen and what may resolve the issue?


Is the music in a format the player supports? If so, if the firmware in your player is a later version, then you could try looking for it using the music>folders menu. I have a feeling your songs may have improper or missing tags, so all those songs are listed as unknown when you try to find them by artist or album.


Thanks for your reply.  Yes, the music is in a format that the player supports; it’s all mp3, just like what’s on the internal.  I already looked for it it in the music folder under Unknown and anything else I could think of.  The new SD card is significantly larger than the internal, and thus contains a lot more than the internal, so it would be pretty obvious.  For some reason the music is not to be found - unless, as I said, I am connected to the car stereo via USB.

How is the music organized on the card? Is it deeply nested(folders in folders in folders,etc.). The player might not see songs that are too deeply nested. What bitrate and sampling rate are these songs at? How did you transfer them to the card? Are you using a mac or a pc? If a pc, are you using Windows or Linux? What speed is the card? Sandisk players sometimes have issues with some class 10 cards. What capacity is the card?

If your player has one of the older firmware versions, then the player will only recognize up to around 4,000 songs. Newer firmware versions will recognize up to around 8,000 songs. Which firmware version does your player have?