8 GB Fuze not recognizing songs

First of all: I am using a Mac, so to get songs onto the player I have to drag and drop from folder to folder, which has usually worked until recently. Also, it tells me I still have about 1 GB left of space, so I’ve ruled this out as the problem.

Now, the problem: I transfer music onto my Fuze (drag and drop) and it’s all good, everything goes fine. Then, when I unplug it to listen to the songs, they’re not there. ?!?! So, I plug it in again to check, and there they are! I checked to make sure they were mp3 files, and they were, and they played just fine from the Fuze folder.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?  

Read aboutID3 tags

Bet you have a whole lot of familiar songs listed as Unknown. 

See if you can find tagging software for Mac that will make ID3v2.3 tags. The last time I used iTunes on my PC, it was still doing ID3v2.2, without any way to change that–maybe it’s different on Mac. 

If you have the latest firmware on your Fuze, then you should be able to see these files on your player if you switch to folder view. Also keep in mind that with old fimware, the player will only recognize up to 4,000 songs. With the latest firmware, the player recognizes up to 8,000 songs.

I do have a few songs called Unknown, actually.  :stuck_out_tongue: This was really helpful, thanks a lot!!!

I realized that some of the songs weren’t in mp3 format, but there was one that just wouldn’t show up. However, after doing the ID3 tag, it showed up! Weird, but it worked! Also, I’m not really sure if I have the latest firmware, because the firmware software (and pretty much all the software that came with the Fuze) doesn’t work on Mac. :\ Bummer.

I think you should have no problem updating the firmware manually from a Mac. It involves downloading the file from the Sandisk website, then dropping it into the root of the player.