Missing songs on Fuze

  1. My Fuse is showing 860 songs on my desktop when I go through My Computer - Other - Sansa Fuze. When I turn onthe player it shows only 847 songs.

I mostly download my songs from a reputable site or copy them from the library after ripping off a CD. I like to keep it simple. Is there some way I can look at all the songs (batch) to see if there are some that the player wont recognize? 

  1. My player is set to random play but I notice certain songs seem to keep coming up more than they should.  Someone here on another thread said if songs are too deeply imbedded they wont play. Doesnt make any sense to me. How can a song be too imbedded that it wont play?

The Fuze has given me no problems so far except the 13 mysterious songs it wont play. 

Thanx .

  1. Check if you have an ‘Unknown’ category in your Arists lists, and if the missing songs are there. If so, it can’t read the ID3 tags of those songs, so they aren’t being counted during the database refresh. You’ll have to edit these tags. MP3TAG is a sweet little program that will make it easy. It’s free, too.
  2. The shuffle feature on these players leave a little to be desired. There’s no way for you to fix it.

Thanx. I’ll give it a shot.

Are all the songs mp3s?  If there are songs in a format the fuze can’t play it will not add them to the database.

Shuffle works fine for me.  How old is your firmware?

The embedded thing you mentioned means that the files are nested too deeply in sub folders.