Shuffle Memory Question

I just purchased a fuze+ and have been trying to give it a good testing before I give up on it and return it.

My main problem is it does not seem to retain memory of songs that it has already played while in shuffle mode. Whenever I power it off and turn it on a while later, it remembers the song it was playing before turning off but will then play songs it has already played. I keep hearing the same songs over and over. I had a sansa clip prior to the fuze and it had the same problem, but it was resolved. I would like to be able to load it with songs and play  them and never hear the same song until it has played them all. It would be nice if it could remember songs it has played and I could go back to something already played, too, by using the back button. Instead I get a random song.

Is there a solution to this problem? I’d prefer not to return it. 

The firmware is up to date and the repeat function is on “off” and I don’t have any play list set up.


I think you are just playing the last ten songs played.     This is not a defect.  It is  that way by design.  To get out of this press the center button a couple of times and pick a new album, artis, or genre.  Once you go away from the music section and come back,  you will be back into the last ten songs played.  

Have a kid walk you throgh the menu. I started with the book.  My kids did not.

Don’t return it just yet.    You may grow to like this player.  

Thanks for the reply.

Looks like somehow my shuffle list was only 10 songs instead of 800. 

I’ll keep messing around with this thing for a couple of more days. It’s a little touchy and not super user friendly.