Shuffle repeatsss!!

Just a vent. I know there isn’t much that can be done about it…but it’s startling how often my fuze repeats certain songs while never playing others. Have 1000 songs on my 8gb Fuze, you’d expect that it goes at least a week without repeating a song.

Tried shuffle songs, shuffle album, shuffle artists…still a bit too often repeats…just like now.

Shakira, yesterday too.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a song repeat in shuffle mode. I suspect that it keeps track of what songs have been played until either you stop playback or turn the player off.

Mine does the same thing. My Zune did the same thing. They all do it. It’s just the way shuffle works. Not very good. I have 280 hours of music on mine and it repeats. I just click the forward a lot until I find a good song.

“Shuffle” on the Fuze is not “shuffle” what you would expect but “random”.

Every next song has an equal chance out of all songs, perhaps excluding the song that just played.

It could be the “seed” of the “random” function is not very random so you get songs in recognizable order.

This is incorrect,  the player sets a random sequence when you initiate playback in shuffle mode and will play the list without repeats,  unless - you reset the shuffe sequence by toggling shuffle on and off or selecting an album or radio,  etc.

The sequence is remembered after power off and on as well.

Earlier firmware could have repeats, so make sure you are using the latest. 

That’s good to know.  I do change from music to audiobooks to podcasts often and occassionally swap out cards, so this explains why the same song comes up sometimes.  Of course I don’t mind when it’s one of my favorites ;)  .  I also just press the forward button to go to the next song.

Thanks for clearing that up, sansafix.

I must admit that I hadn’t used shuffle since the latest firmware update so my experience was outdated.

There is a function in MS Excel for creating a list of random numbers between any two numbers without grabbing the same number twice.  Same idea in the Fuze.  But, it’s good to know that some things you do can cause the list to be recalculated.