Shuffle seems not so random?

I’ve noticed that when I use shuffle play on a genre or playlist, it seems to favor some albums, or maybe folders, over others. Does anyone know whether Sansa use anything other than a random number algorithm to make up the shuffle order?

they Use an Algorithm but I am not sure what one. HOWEVER there are other factors, If you have rated songs on the fuze, in Windows media (or another software) , or in explorer the fuze can see that info as it is often saved as part if of the ID3Tag for the file. I say this not knowing if it actually effects anything but I have noticed that mine favors songs that are unrated in the fuze but rated highly elsewhere.

Rating has nothing to do with the Shuffle Algorithm.

Interesting… That is most definitely not how it seems to work… I notice that the Fuze’s internal rating does not but could an external rating system? Or what about user inputs to the fuze like Skipping a song? I have used players where if you skip a song 2 -3 times it plays it less often.

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I have my 8GB Fuze full and the shuffle seems to play some songs 2 or 3 times in a 11 hour period and other songs I won’t hear at all. Yesterday I started just playing ALL with shuffle OFF. This starts with song #1 and plays through the entire list alphabetically. At least this way there are no repeats or skips.

ahh ha - so that’s how you make this thing shuffle thru everything-

turn it on, select play all and then turn on shuffle.

the old dog learns a new trick.

I upgraded from the e200 series to the Fuze for the better shuffle feature! 

Now i have not noticed my player repeating any songs when i pick a genre playlist of like 400 songs!

I have read on this forum that the Random Shuffle mode on the player will never repeat a song on any playlist you select that is under 2000 songs!!! 

The shuffle feature does take into account user actions! For instance if you start a playlist (under 2000 songs) and listen for a while then you go to the currently playing list and find a song in the list and select it manually that will restart the shuffle and it may repeat! Even if the song you choose had not already been played!!!

But if you just skip tracks you should not have any repeats! 

If you choose to Play Previous after turning the player off then back on it should not have any repeats!

I brought all these points up you all have mentioned on this forum many months ago and that is when i learned the info i am sharing with you now! 

I am already looking at the new touch SONY because i want to have my entire library and listen to all of it without repeats! 

THe 4000 song limit for the UI and The 2000 song shuffle limit are my biggest gripes with this player everything else is great!