Song Repeats

Received my Fuze fo Chrustmas and has been working flawlessly until this afternoon. Now for some reason while playing by Artist it will randomly play the same song two times in a row. I asked it to play All and Shuffle is off. I have used it the same in the past to listen to an entire artists album or albums. Not sure why the repeat now. Any ideas?

Im sure you probably did this already but Make Sure Repeat Is Turned Off.

Yep…I meant to say Repeat is off…as well as Shuffle.

Make sure the song isn’t on the unit in two places–like on both the internal memory and the microSD card. Or you don’t have a copy on both a compilation album and the artist’s album. Or if the group is called The Group in one place and just Group in another…stuff like that.

Remember, the Fuze is reading the tags, so if you have 01-Artist-Firstsong and 01-Artist-Album-Firstsong, you’d still see the same information from the tags but the Fuze would think it was two different files.