Weird behaviour using "Shuffle/Repeat all"

I noticed that when repeating all songs randomly, there’s always 3-5 songs that will play after each other, like, whenever song A is played, B, C and D will follow. That’s not a big issue for me, I was just wondering whether anyone else is experiencing this behaviour.

Its something with the shuffle algorithm in the Sansa. Its been a problem way before the Sansa Fuze+ was even thought about. 

And there I was thinking it was just me (or my imagination).

I have also had a couple of instances where the same song played twice in a row. And not because I hit repeat.

I am sure a statistician would say that given 2000+ songs on there, the odds of the same song coming up again are the same as any of the other 1999 songs, but still, it is not my idea of RANDOM.

I use Winamps “autofill” feature, so that means a number of Artist’s Album folders, with just a few tracks each, and I am convinced that the Fuze+ is playing the same track from each folder, and ignoring the other 3-4.

Another blank post!

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Great I just bought the player and I hate when they do this!

Do what?

I second that statement.

WHY in the World is it that Sansa cannot fix this problem?

Lastly, what is the purpose of the “forum” whereby different people across this World all have the same problem and Sansa (a) not be aware of it and/or (b) not immediatley offer a software patch?

Thanks everyone for sharing online.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

My guess is that the random number generator is not that well implemented.

I play in “Shuffle/Repeat All” mode 99.9% of the time. Yet, often when I start playing all the songs in this mode the resulting order of the songs seems to be the same.

Quite annoying.