Stuck on Same Music

I just bought a blue Sansa Fuze + 8GB yesterday to replace my old 4 GB, and I uploaded a bunch of songs with seemingly no issue. But, when I started trying to play the music, it keeps repeating the same ten songs over and over again despite the player acknowledging that there is over 200 songs in storage. I didn’t make a playlist for it, and I lost my manual. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

Nevermind… fixed it. Music was in wrong folder. Still, it’s a bit weird.

How  did you upload them - MSC or MTP mode?  Are they organized and tagged properly?  Are you playing only a single artist or genre by mistake?

And if you “bought” the player yesterday, as you claim, how did you already lose the manual?

The Real Manual is Here.

Are you sure Repeat is not on?

Mine did that also.  I think it happens when you add music or something, I think the ten songs are in a playlist that you created somehow.  Go to the music songs make the highlighted strip go up to shuffle all songs and tap the center of the cross.  Then all the songs will be on the playlist. I use shuffle/ repeat and let it rip. (Something like that anyway.)

I gotta say, I have 4 sansa players.  This one has been a bear to gain the learning curve.  It loads slowly, I had to go back to the earlier firmware.  The touch control thingy is touchy.  At last look they were still selling the fuze 8 gb for $80.00 on the sansa store.  It is a better player aptly proven by my constant use for a couple of years.  Good luck.

fuze is gone completely from the sandisk store but is on amazon for $60.00.

Thanks so much! It seems to be working properly now :smileyvery-happy: