Not Detecting Card!

I’m able to play music on my fuze from the micro sd card, but for some reason my computer just started giving me trouble with the card. When I tried putting more music on to the external (in wmp) it just put a little red x next to all the tracks and said that there was an error. When I then tried putting them directly on to the fuze (internal) it worked fine. Also, when I made a playlist and transfered it over (to the internal because external isn’t working) instead of saying “already in device” (or something like that) which is what it usually does when making a playlist with songs that are already there, it started synchronizing them as if they’re not on the fuze, which they are (on the external).

I just checked my fuze and the the songs that it started syncing again (in the playlist) are in the fuze twice.

If anyone can help me that would be great.

Thanks a lot

P.S. I tried deleting everything on it and I formatted it but it’s still not allowing me to go to the card. :frowning:

I am able to put music on the card through windows explorer, but I want to make playlists and I can’t do that with explorer- at least I don’t think so.

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