Windows 8 getting BSOD error after I installed a Sandisk SSD


I own a Sandisk SDSSDP128G

After I installed a Sandisk SSD, Windows 8 is recurring giving me a BSOD error, code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. It occurs usually once a day, and it is not related to a specific computer activity.

According with this article , some SSD are getting this error on Windows 8.

The solution would be update the firmware.

My current firmware revision is 2.0.0.

So, I found for a new firmware update for my Sandisk SSD using Sandisk SSD Toolkit and it said there is no new firware release.

I saw on other topic that other people here are getting BSODs on Windows 8.

Please check Sandisk SSD on Windows 8, and if you find out that it is a firmware problem, please release a new firmware version.

Looks like the error is not always caused by SSD. Try what is suggested at the post linked below. Right now there is no firmware update for this SSD available. 

thanks drlucky.

I know the error is not always caused by SSD. Actually, is very hard to track  any kind of BSODs :frowning:

But in my case, the fact is that I had Windows 8 installed on the same machine with another brand SSD working without any problems.

My previous SSD stopped working, then I installed a new Sandisk SSD 128GB. Also I reinstalled Windows 8, with all the same drivers I had before (I own a thinkpad and I always install all drivers that Lenovo System Update suggests, so I’m pretty sure it installed the same drivers for the others remaining devices).

After it, the BSODs started to happen. It is the reason why I believe the SSD is the problem (in my case).

In any case, I will take a look on the site you suggested. After it I will report here soon if it solved the problem (or not).

PS: if there is any kind of log or trace that I could do to track the problem, please tell me what I should do.

Thanks for your time.

so, just updating…

I did what you suggested, and it did not solve the problem. Some alleatory BSODs still happening.

As I said, the unique component I changed was the SSD drive, so I’m pretty sure it is the problem.

I know this problem could be caused by many reasons, so I will not ask Sandisk to check the problem immediately.

But if others users report the same problem, please give some attention to this.

I’m getting the same bsod on my windows 8 machine. It’s the third brand news setup of windows and it keeps happening. With my old HD it never occured.

I have the same issue. DPC_Watchdog_Violation only after installing the Readycache software. Please advise.

I had Win8 BSODs with another non-Sandisk SSD. What helped: I did a “secure erase” and reinstalled Win8, then I had no problems. So no Sandisk issue but a Win8 one, I would say.