SSD Ultra 120GB New Firmware/ Sleep fix?

Will this SSD receive any Firmware update support?

And is there a fix to the crashing that occurs when resuming from sleep?

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Sleep is a Windows function, and it doesn’t work well on desktops.  And sometimes not even well on notebooks/netbooks.  Write to Microsoft and ask them when they are going to fix it…

I am having the same issue. It never happened with my HDD. 

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I have the same problem with my Sandisk Ultra 240GB. It seems that all SSD’s that based on SandForce controller suffer from this BSOD when waking from sleep mode (some of them just die, like in OCZ case).

I hope that Sandisk is working on a solution with sandforce like all other manufacturers (OCZ, Crosiar, G.Skill ect).

If the problem exists on multiple drives doesn’t that seem to indicate that the problem is with the OS?  And I’ll bet it’s a 64 bit OS to boot.

Yeah, the problem exists in all Sandforce based SSD’s. That means that something wrong with SF’s controller, and not the OS (It happens with MAC and Linux too). With Crucial (Marvell’s controller) and Intel (Intel’s controller) SSD’s there isn’t such a problem (or they already fixed it with FW update). OCZ and Corsiar acknowledge the problem and working with SF on a solution.

What about Sandisk ? We want to know if Sandisk working on a solution too ?

Customers should know. If Sandisk isn’t acknowledging the problem and not going to work on a solution, then we should return the drive and get our money back.

I just bought a SanDisk Ultra 120GB and I’m having the same issue.

I hope that SanDisk fix this problem ASAP, this is a major problem especially for laptop user. 

Hi Guys,

I emailed Sandisk support about this topic and got a replay that they will see into it. They’ll update me as soon as they have news about it.

Same issue here.  I had to jump through tons of hoops on my Asus UL20A to get it to work - even with latest BIOS’ etc, had to install W7 in IDE mode, then finagle it back to AHPI.  Now, it also has the sleep/BSOD problem…

I am having the exact same issue on a fres 120GB Sandisk SSD.  I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop that had a bad drive.  The Old SATA drive never had any sleep/hibernate issues.  Now every time this machine goes to sleep, it BSOD’s when waking up.  I have the latest BIOS for the laptop, and am thinking it is a firmware problem with the drive that needs to be fixed.  I have had a Crucial SSD for some time now without issues at all.  

Sandisk, please help!  This is a terrible pain for any user, especially a laptop one.


P.S. to my previous post, I will try my best to get this fixed, should we try switching the bios to IDE mode?

No wonder these drives were soo cheap on…they clearly have issues.



As I understood from Sandisk tech support they don’t read this forum. The best thing to do is to use “Ask a Question” and describe the problem to the support team. It could only help for getting Sandisk to work on a fix.

This is the replay I got -

Dear …,

Thanks for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product.

As I understand, you would like to receive a feedback regarding the forum topic about the issues occurring when SSD quits sleep mode. Please be aware that is not a known issue, and as per note of the previous agent, this has been escalated to our Main Office, but there is no time frame for an answer. This is a forum and we, Sandisk, do not control what customer are posting to this forum.

In addition , we would like to invite you to register your product:

  • Exact model of your SSD
  • Serial number (on the back of the SSD)
  • Capacity
  • Place of purchase
  • Date of purchase (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Refurbished (Yes/No)
  • Sealed Retail Packaging (Yes/No)
  • Physical Damage (Yes/No)
  • Your Phone number
  • Your Location (Country)

Please refer to your My SanDisk at anytime to see all of your incident history and product registration information. You can log in using your email address as your login and the password that you created.

Also, you can visit, our online keyword searchable Knowledgebase, to easily find answers to your Technical Support and Customer Service questions for all of SanDisk’s products. Simply enter your search terms and our Knowledgebase will search an extensive database of commonly asked questions as well as our online forums at to provide you with the most complete answers possible.

Best regards,

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A very helpful posting Fozzie.  Thank you.  I wish there was a way to ensure everyone reads it.

As for this forum:

The goal of the SanDisk Forum is to provide a place where all SanDisk users can gather as a community.”

And that’s what we are, users, just like you.

Found my fix for the “No wake from sleep issue here.”

I used this: Add_AHCI_Link_Power_Management_Option.reg

Rebooted and all is well. 

Also ran this:

Also boot with the ahci option in bios.  

And got the ahci in bios option instead of the ahci+ide option.

The drive is great. I plan to buy two more within the next 2 weeks.

Win7 Ultimate

i920 system

Asus Rampage II GENE V1

1701 bios

Sandisk 120 

Samsung F3 HDD

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It doesn’t solve the BSOD after sleep problem. :cry:

I really hope that Sandisk is working on a solution. I have no way to know if they’re doing somthing about it or not…

After further testing NO FIX.

Works with a few minutes but after prolonged sleep hard boot.

Sad Face Sorry guys.

Having the same BSOD on resuming sleep.

I opened a case with their support and despite my efforts to convince them to work with sandforce to update the firmware, they want to RMA the drive.  I have told them it is a waste of time and we will see what they reply with.  I know its firmware because I have an OCZ drive that was doing the same exact thing and was fixed after a firmware update.  Sandforce even says that they released an update to fix it on their 2000 series controllers.  Unfortunatly, these use the 1200 series controller, not sure if there is an update out for them yet.

??  What does Sandforce have to do with SanDisk devices?

SanDisk uses SandForce controllers in their SSDs…many manufacturers of SSDs use SandForce’s controllers in their products.

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