Rules and Guidelines

The goal of the SanDisk Forum is to provide a place where all SanDisk users can gather as a community.  In this community users can share thoughts, ask questions, look for answers, give improvement suggestions and learn more about the SanDisk products they own. 

Like any community, there needs to be respect between all members even when there is disagreement about a certain topic or thought.  Whether a forum member has 5 posts or 500, each deserves the same amount of respect.

We believe it is best to let a community flourish and grow without policing, however, Moderators and Administrators will be monitoring the forum to ensure rules are not being violated. 

Some rules:

  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated. There are to be no racial, ethnic, gender based discriminatory comments. We expect members to agree or disagree in a civil manner.
  • No posting of items For Sale or any advertising without prior permission from Administrator.
  • No pornographic material of any kind is permitted (pictures, links, and words)
  • Profanity will not be tolerated.  First offense will result in a warning and a second offense will result in a ban from the forum
  • No spamming. 
  • Arguments are to be kept private.  The Forum is to remain a constructive means of learning and interacting with fellow SanDisk users.
  • Pictures may be posted as long as they are relevant to the forum topic. 
  • No advertising of competitor products or services is allowed.
  • The Administrators reserve the right to clean up cluttered discussion trees.  This includes moving information that is posted under the incorrect topic.
  • Promoting or advertising illegal file download services may result in immediate ban.

Happy discussion everyone!

You can also view the longer version of this on our Terms of Service