SSD restarts PC blue screen

Hi I have this SSD Sandisk Plus 240GB. I used it in a old pc Dell dimension 3100 sata 1 mode.

I got this bench mark. Does it look alright. I keeps restarting my pc.


sn 161043402342


as-ssd-bench SanDisk SDSSDA24 05.07.2018 21-59-45.png

that is a windows error it may be OS or software related and is not necessarily related to the SSD. The benchmark looks fine for SATA I. You can install the SanDisk SSD Dashboard to check the health of the SSD. 

It is slow and when I play games I get the blue screen error.

How do you know it is not hardware related and only software??

Dell Dimension 3100

2.80GHz processor wH/T

2GB Memory

240GB SSD Sandisk

Pny 6200 256MB pci graphics


Windows 10 home edition 32bit

get the memory dump after a BSOD occurs and analyse it. whocrashed is a free program that can analyse the memory dump. That should help give you a direction of what may be causing the issue. 

How do I get to the memory dump.


how do I find the problem what is causing blue screen. Can I check in another computer if it is the SSD.

  1. Click Windows button and type eventvwr.msc in the search field and press enter
  2. On the left side you will see 3 folders (Custom Views, Windows Logs, Applications and Services) Under custom views you will see administrative events. Here look for an error that occurred around the same time as the BSOD (repeat the process under the following areas as well) Windows Logs > Application, Applications and services > Hardware events
  3. Once you have located an error that is logged around the time of the BSOD right click the error and select Event properties
  4. Have the user copy and send us the information from the general tab
  5. On the details tab Select XML view and have the user copy the information and send it to us as well