Sandisk Extreme 240 GB blue screen

Hi all,

I have bought a sandisk ssd extreme one month ago, I updated the firmware to the last version, and two weeks ago the system suddenly get a blue screen.

My SO is windows Pro 7 64 Bits,NeverI had a blue screen with the other HD, and I want to know that if possible that ssd do  a blue screen.

any solution?

Have you only had one BSOD? If so check the memory dump file to see what caused the error. If you have only had one it could have been any one of many many different things not necessarily the SSD

Yesterday, I had a three blue screens, and suddenly the computer freeze.

I saw the post that say “freeze” and I do all that he says.

The problem is that sometimes the computer suddenly freeze, and other i have a bluen screen other days don’t happen nothing.

are you coming out of sleep or hibernation when the freeze occurs?

you can try disableing HIPM. this has worked for some users.

Also download the SSD tool kit and check the SMART attributes. Make sure non are in a fail state. 

Were you able to collect the memory dump file? if so and you can post that it would help. 

you may also want to see if the is a FW update for your MB. 

Tell us the BSOD STOP code and the system file that caused the error, it makes all the difference.