Extreme 120GB bluescreen crashes

Fresh windows 7 installation on SanDisk 120GB Extreme SSD, bluescreen crashes occurs randomly during the installation and normal use. Computer is less than 2 years old, latest BIOS is upgraded. Firmware has been updated to R201.

It had 3 bluescreen crash in an hour this morning. First one happened after waking from hibernation the other 2 during Internet browsing and word editing.

Please help!

Welcome to the club. Put your old HD back in and use this one as a non-mission-critical game drive like I did. (after tons of effort to stop the blue screens)  Next time we buy a drive with a better controller.

Same problem here.  Drive is a month old, clean Windows 7 installation.  Worked fine for the first couple of weeks but crashes are getting more frequent (twice today!).  Installed in a laptop so using it only as a secod drive isn’t an option.  Read a lot about problems with this controller before I bought but general view seemed to be that they had been resolved in the latest firmware.  Obviously not.  Unreliable storage is unacceptable.  Hopefully Sandisk will take note and fix their controller ASAP.

I have the same problem …

Although here is some info.

it worked fine for 4 days. Then i installed guild wars 2 beta (install is a big word; it means copy 3 files, one being 15Gb) on it.

Since then, i cannot play ANY game that makes some disk access, wether it is on this disk or on another, standard magnetic one. The problem happens even right after installing windows again.

i get maybe 10 seconds of play, then F4 BSOD / auto reset. Kernel dump says it was a write attempt that failed.

I flashed the latest bios for my motherboard and for the SSD, tried disabling ACPI, nothing changes.

BUT if i boot on my other HDD with windows XP on it, and then play guild wars 2 beta from the SSD it works fine (ACPI disabled though so it is not that fine).

got core i3 530

4Gb DDR3


1 120Gb SSD sandisk

1 1Tb HDD


This is not a PSU problem, my voltages are very stable even on high load. The most drop i get is from the 12V line that goes to 11.95V .

Now i bought that SSD to get a working and fast windows 7 64, not to get stuck AGAIN on windows XP, so please sandisk do something.

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but you should really check these drives out in other systems before you assume it is a compatibility problem.

The following problems can cause drive disconnects (and hence F4 BSOD):

a) Compatibility problems: If you put it in another system, the drive works fine. But in your own system, it doesn’t work. In this case, getting a replacement won’t help. These should be pretty rare with the latest firmware. If you run into this, sell the drive on ebay and get something else.

b) SSD metadata corruption: This can sometimes happen, but a secure erase then reload of data will fix that. Should also be pretty rare, but I hear of it occasionally with sandforce based drives.

c) Failed Controller/NAND: This also happens occasionally. If securing erasing the drive does not help, and you can confirm it fails on other systems, then this is ussually the culprit. Time for RMA and replacement.

Thank you, i know that.But that is besides the point. I bought an SSD, and it does not work with ACPI mode. This is a manufacturers problem, not mine.

I am not selling the drive so that someone else gets problem; i either want one that works, or a refund. I really dont understand how sandisk can sell a product like that.

Note : it does the same on the second SATA controler that i have on the motherboard. It clearly is a disk problem.

Is your SSD uses the latest firmware version ? if not try an update to R201 version.

Try clearing the cmos. I also exprerience bluescreen but after clearing the cmos I dont have bluescreens anymore.

As a consumer, I’d rather refund it and buy another make. Finding out what the problems are and how to solve them are part of manufacturer’s business. SanDisk needs to react to the problems rather than asking their customers to solve the problem themselves. Thanks.

I had the same problem yesterday, window 7 crashed with blue screen periodically, after I updated firmware to R201. Yes, for my case, the problem happened only after updating to R201. I have a Lenovo U460 notebook. I changed the AHCI Link Power Management as detailed below (change to ‘Active’) and the problem has not happened again.


Yes of course ! I could try to clear CMOS !

I could also sacrifice a goat, and praise Allah or any other goddish nonsense.

If you dont have a clue, nor have the patience to read what i write, why do you even bother answering ?

I updated everything; motherboard bios, SSD firmware, HDD firmware, every I/O related driver, and guess what ? IT STILL **bleep**ING CRASHES ALL THE TIME !


@crusty wrote:

I updated everything; motherboard bios, SSD firmware, HDD firmware, every I/O related driver

I updated my motherboard. BSOD went away for good, and has been that way for a long time now. And of course, applied the tweaks drlucky recommended. No problems, no performance degradation. I’m a happy user now.

I had Intel P35/ICH9 and now I have P45/ICH10. Only that, as then I did not need to update my CPU nor memory.

It’s not always the latest thing you added that causes problems…

It’s not costumers fault that sandforce sells defective product so they should refund all costumers not interested to stay with it, since no one knows when they will be fixed and if new issues will come, so Sandisk and many other brands should inform costumers issues from Sanforce SSDs like:



AES Encryption:




And offcourse the annoying and riddiculllous issue on this controller of the sleep/hybernate/suspend, you cannot use it, just great.

Enought is enought, SANDFORCE CONTROLLERS ARE A COMPLETELY DISASTER, i have a Sandisk Extreme 120 (R201) and BSOD are a constant and after that it stops recognizing the SSD, i need to let it disconnected awhile (5-10m) to be recognized again, in all computers it does exactly the same issues, i would like to see from Sandisk inform clients from they’re SSD issues and possible soluctions like refund for example. Are costumers forced to mantain a faulty/bugs units??! No they’re NOT.

Sandisk Costumer Support please tell me what steps are needed to refund my SSD Extreme 120? I was boughted 2 months ago, and those believe me it was 2 painfull months, i replace it with a OCZ Vertex 4 (not Sandforce) and all problems went away.

PS: I bought 3 units all of them have the same issues.


I bought 3 of these units, 2 x 120 and a 240. My laptop crashed several times and my desktop once. Blue screen flashed with lots of data but then rapidly followed by ’ Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the problem’ and to fix it need to insert the installation disk (of which none supplied!) So I then had to re-clone (1.5 hours) and it works again! I have been in constant communication with Sandisk and they suggested many things - yes they are helpdul and willing, but I wish we/they could get to the bottom of this problem. I need to know my laptop is reliable as well as fast. The original HDDs have worked fine. I paid a lot of money for these SSDs. My firmware is now R211 so the latest. Any more problems they are going back for replacement though I wish it was a refund. I wasted more time trying to sort than I saved in faster booting etc

Bought a 128GB Sandisk SSD. Keeps crashing and rebooting my PC when playing any game installed on it.
Sending this back to the store and buying another brand.