sandisk extreme 120Gb my SSD goes blank for a few seconds WHY ?

hi i have the sandisk extrem 120 GB and it’s in a macbook pro 17"  i7 with 16GB of memory every once in a while it’ll just stop and go blank Black screen and I have to wait for it to come back again !  why does this happen ? 

That type of issue would not really be caused by an SSD. It is likely something else is going on. Most likely related to the video card. 

it always gives me this feeling it’s the SSD doing this ! it doesn’t happen under strain ! I play a lot of internet movies and youtubes and it doesn’t happen then only when it’s laxed out ! I see in the questions and answers on this site it does mention some BSOD and freez ups happening and a fix for windows ! this is no BSOD here but the screen goes black and then comes back on in like 15 seconds, I’m looking to upgrade my SSD because of lack of space but not sure if this is the problem with this SSD or the compatibility…  


just wanted to come back and update this ! I updated the firmware in my macbook pro and installed this into my sons desktop windows machine and it seems it’s working fine ! I also wanted to mention after the firmware update in my macbook pro it didn’t do that either so it probably was the firmware update it needed !  :smiley:

Thanks Sandisk Support !