Long Startup with 120 gb ssd in MacBook

After installing the 120gb  SanDisk Extreme on my MacBook, it seems to take a long time finding the HD. The screen is just blank whithout the Apple logo for  quite a while. Once the Logo and the gear show up it starts fast.

What’s with that?

Go into Settings, and choose the Sandisk as your start up disk and save then reboot and see if it is fixed.

Thanks Donka,

Wow, a help forum has never worked so well. Quick answer, and easy fix. Only wish I thought of it myself!

I’m still wondering if I need to do the frimware update.  ?

You’re welcome. With regards to the fw upgrade, I would recommend it, it isn’t required but should help maintain or improve performance and longevity of the drive. http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10127