Sandisk Extreme 240GB with latest R211 firmware, read errors and jamming

I’ve had these problems from the first day I installed the SSD to my laptop (Medion Erazer X6817, I think it has HM67 chipset).

Sometimes it freezes during boot and hangs on the “starting windows” logo. Sometimes BSOD 0x5c etc, and some other neat things. The SSD seems fine on usb enclosure (shows up in Win7 recovery mode). So I think that the problem is on the first sectors of the SSD. I’m not a pro so correct any mistakes if I say any.

Is there any known compatibility issues with the SSD and my chipset? I’ve installed Win7 in AHCI mode and I’ve never changed that. Normally the SSD has booted after a few tries but now it hasn’t. I’m thinking of secure erasing it via Linux live-distribution but that is the last option.

Any advice would be neat.

Also, could there be any specific BIOS settings that could interfere with the startup/cause the hangs?

can you let us know what SATA chipset your motherboard is using?

if the issue is recoverable secure erase should do it. I would gibve that a try and if the issue continues the drive may need to be replaced. 

Yeah I just managed to drive through the secure erase with Parted Magic live (thank goodness I had a regular working hdd). I managed to install Windows 7 but after rebooting again the drive still hangs on the ‘‘starting Windows’’ sequence… So I guess I’ll have to replace it then.

CPU-Z tells this, so as this is a “customized” laptop but still a “commercial” pre-made laptop, therefore there ain’t too much info on the SATA-chipset… At least I don’t know how to find that out.

Edit: meh I just noticed that I managed to upload a pic that had 2x the “spd” part on it… Well, here it is…

Edit 2:

I tried Everest Ultimate also, but as it shows on BIOS, it also shows up in Everest, the most annoying sentence I’ve read for a while: “to be filled by O.E.M.”… -.-

Oh yes, must add some more info.

I’ve tried to wipe the disk within Parted Magic as internal drive. When connected to SATA-port on my laptop, it will tell me that it needs to sleep and wake up, a normal procedure because the ssd is in frozen state. After waking up, I start the internal secure erase, but it will only do it for about a second and it tells me that the secure erase has completed. This isn’t true, although ssd’s are speedy but every other ssd has taken at least a minute to secure erase, I’ve secure erased this disk too in the past… So the ssd must be faulty? I checked the purchase date and it was on August, 2011… :smiley: Hopefully I get a few more as bad drives as this so I can claim my money back… Or another version, because these ‘‘first ones’’ seem to be kinda buggy… :frowning:

And again. The secure erase didn’t work at all so I decided to try regular wipes a couple of times. I managed to install Windows to it, and it booted up to the setup finals, and on the second reboot it started not to reboot again. I then tried to secure erase the drive again, installed Win7 and again jams on the boot sequence. Then I wiped the drive one more time and went to the store I bought it from. They are going to send the drive back to Sandisk to be tested and hopefully they find the same issue in there… It’s a nasty bug, as the drive seemed to be ok when using it as an external drive and for data storage, but as internal and OS drive it failed all the time.

What is the Sandisk Extreme line using, Sandforce?

Well most people use this drive as the system drive. Not many people use these ssd as secondary or external drives. 

Yes this drive uses Sandforce 2281 controller. 

Hi, I have the same motherboard MSI, the config also the same GTX 560m, hm67, etc.) and SanDisk 240GB. My laptop has SanDisk Extreme as first disk, and one HDD WD 500GB as second drive. Sometimes it freezes on windows loading logo. I dont know what to do.