issue with replacement ssd

Hi at the end of 2014 i built a new computer and installed an Ultra II sandisk as my boot drive (c:)

4 months later the drive failed and i contact sandisk and they replaced the drive with an Extreme pro.

On a cold start the Extreme pro dosent want to boot right away, it hangs at the bios splash screen for a few, then reboots.

Some times it will do that twice (but usally once) then it boots to windows 8.1 .

Once its been running awhile i can reboot  and it will not hang at the splash screen.

Is there soming i can do to fix the intial start up hanging and rebooting ? 

Have you updated the FW on the SSD? The FW update post is stickied at the top of this board. 

i think mine came with that version