3rd extreme II 240gb with problems - help

I started out with two xtreme II 240gb SSDs in my new gaming machine in December 2013. No problems with them during that month. Had a brief power interruption and both drives were bricked - Computer got stuck on boot up and would not boot windows 8. Testing the drives on another almost identical build computer - one wouldn’t show up in BIOS and the other windows install couldn’t be read, or written to.

Sent both back on RMA and was left with no HD in my new computer so went and got a samsung EVO to reinstall the OS on until I got my replacements. Golden until I got my RMA and only one of the two was replaced… So I plug in the replacement drive and set up the new partition and a week later PROBLEM.

Now anything that references the Sandisk drive hangs for insane long times. Just launching disk utility takes 15minutes and it shows the once NTFS formatted partition as RAW and it cannot be reformatted. Booting and even shutting down now take 10 minutes. Chkdsk ran for 24hrs and never completed. Installed the sandisk utility and it froze on launch “not responding”.

So I waited 15 minutes to power down windows and I unplug the drive, restart and wooooosh! Started in a second like it used to. Almost everything that was installed before the sandisk SSD was installed is working fine and fast. Even the sandisk utility now launches and of course shows no disks since I unplugged it.

Well, guess what showed up today, the other replacement SSD. I don’t feel much like putting it in since my Crucial and samsung drives have worked without issue and every time I touch one of these SanDisk SSDs I wind up with a broken computer.

What am I doing wrong? Someone walk me through the process of what I should do to install a new Sandisk extreme II SSD on a windows 8 PC. And kindly explain why the process is different from installing a samsung EVO or Crucial SSD?

MB is Maximus GENE VI so AHCI mode is default and the fact that everything works fine through several reboots and for some time is what bothers me.

Is it possible that they might also changed your motherboard? What’s the make and model if I may ask?