ssd issue

I was watching hbo go, when my computer locked up. I performed a hard reboot on the computer but then everything went awry  

I am using a sandisk ultra plus 128gb ssd drive for my os (windows 8 pro 64), and have 2 spindle drives for everything else. My ssd is recognized by the bios, but just hangs on the windows loading screen. I attempt to put my windows dvd in to reinstall or repair, and it hangs as well. So i tested it by switching sata ports, setting the bios between ide/ahci, nothing. 

The only way i can get the windows dvd to work is to physically unplug the ssd all together. While the ssd is plugged in, it freezes everything at windows startup screen (both boot from ssd and dvd). 

Tried hot swapping, switching cables, ports, bios settings, everything. While recognized by the bios, it cause my entire system to hang. 

Is the drive dead? I only had it since april 2013. 

I would say this SSD is dead and would need to be replaced. 

I have the same issue. I brought my ultra+ two weeks ago and it’s been fine 24/7 until I tried to reboot today.

I then started to get a blank screen when it tries to boot in to windows. It also hangs when trying to get in to repair mode.

I updated to the latest firmware (X2306RL) but still same issue.

When I reset the computer via the reset button or ctrl+alt+del the bios gets stuck trying to detect the disk. But powering off and then back on the bios detects the disk ok.

When I boot in hiren’s mini-xp I can surf the drive ok.

When I try to secure erase the drive in hirens parted magic I get told the disk’s security state is set to frozen.

Is this why windows won’t boot because the security state is set to frozen?

This also sounds like a bad SSD. Contact sandisk support to check warranty status.