SSD Plus SDSSDA-240G - Machine hangs then then restarts and won't recognize the drive.

Environment: Dell XPS M1530 with 4GB RAM and Windows 10. BIOS level A12 which is the latest available

This has been working fine for around a year with an SSD Plus SDSSDA-240G.

But now the machine hangs some while after startup (sometimes just a few minutes but usually more) but then restarts and won’t recognize the drive, returning a black screen with “no bootable devices found. Press F1…” etc.

Removing and reseating the drive enables the machine to recognize the drive again but then the same thing happens after a while.

I am at my wits end.

Have cloned the SSD (it seems to work fine out of the Dell) to a 160GB 5400 Hitachi HDD and it ran fine with the HDD overnight and for the rest of the following day until I shut it down normally. Put the SSD back in but again the same issue of hang/restart and no drive recognized until I reseat it. Then the same old thing happens again.

Has anyone any ideas? The serial number is 153655403995 and was bought around eighteen months ago.

Do you think I have a rogue drive? Or am I missing something.

Charles Blake


nao esta recomlhecendo no windows7 pc 

My computer with Windows 10 and that same harddrive had been working fine until the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed and then started having similar symptoms to what you describe.   See the following post for more information and what fixed it for me.