SDSSDA240G problems with LPM on Windows 10 anniversary update? - fix that worked for me

This is posted in case it helps anyone else.  I have a laptop that has a Sandisk 240GB SSD Plus, Model #SDSSDA240G.  It was operating correctly with Windows 10 Fall Update build 1511.   Once the Windows 10 Anniversary update build 1607 was installed the system would freeze for 30-60 seconds at a time, and then blue-screen with the error “CRITICAL_PROCESS_FAILED” shortly afterward.  The System Event log was filled with errors such as the following.

The IO Operation at logical block address 0x4aa4c68 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000037) was retried

Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

Running the Sandisk Diagnostics with the drive plugged into another computer found no problems, and CHKDSK did not fix the problem.

What did fix the problem was disabling Link Power Management (LPM) in the Windows 10 registry for that drive.  The following link to a Microsoft Discussion forum had the fix by user wulf_xyz.

My drive was listed in the device manager with the name “Sandisk SDSSDA240G” so I added “Sandisk SDSSDA240G*” to the NoLPM registry key.

I also found discussions about setting the AHCI Link Power Management for HIPM/DIPM to Active, so I had done that prior to the registry change from the first link.  It’s an option that can be changed in the Power Management settings once you enable the option via a registry change.  See the following link for that.


Also in case it matters for anyone, here are system details on the laptop containing the SDSSDA240G drive that was having the problem described in the previous message. 

HP Pavilion x360 - Model 11-n010dx.  Newest BIOS and UEFI (I had updated those first)

Sandisk SSD Plus SDSSDA240G - Firmware Z22000RL

Windows 10 Version 10.0.14393 - 64 Bit

Standard SATA AHCI Controller version 10.0.14393.206

Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller version 10.0.14393.206

You saved me today. Thankyou!


To save others hunting and hacking the registry, you can just disabe Link Power Management (LPM) found under the power options. This is all I had to do to fix my computer speed issues up.

For others, go settings, then edit a power plan, then click change settings, find PCI Express, expand out, change Link State Power Management to Off. See below

Power Options

To keep your programmes and files are neatly arranged in one file explorer windows explorer is called the file explorer you can clean up your computer and then you will rummaging your cleaning file through file explorer.

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