Sandisk Plus SSD freezing

I put a 120GB Sandisk Plus SSD into my old laptop, and it now has a problem where it spontaneously freezes for about a minute and then operates normally again. No errors appear in the Event Log when this happens. I upgraded (from Windows 7) to Windows 10 and it is still happening.  In fact, it is happening much more frequently with Windows 10 than it did with Windows 7.  I never had this problem with the original HDD, or with a Samsung Evo SSD, so I’m pretty sure that the Sandisk is the culprit.

I have installed Sandisk Dashboard, and it shows no problems with the SSD.  Firmware is up to date.

Hardware is a Compaq C502US computer with Core 2 Duo CPU and Intel 945 Express chipset.

Thank you for solutions and/or troubleshooting help.

Hi mc510,

My first suggestion is to turn off HIPM on your PC, the power management may sometimes cause symptons like you discribed.

If you still experience this issue or if you want instructions on how to disable HIPM, please contact our support center for more information.

Thanks, I followed this guide to disable HIPM and have changed it to “Active,” which I understand means that it is disabled.

Now to see if this fixes the problem!

Great! Let us know the result, if it still happens you can contact our support to do further FA or possible RMA.

Oh…Thanks for sharing!its great :slight_smile:

It’s been a month now, and no freezing at all.  I am going to declare this patient cured!  Thanks much. :smiley:

Good to know! Glad to help!