SSD Freeze & Not Recognized on restart


I have a Extreme 240GB with W7 and Mac 10.8.2 on two separate partitions. On both operating systems, the computer freezes - usually a few minutes after boot, sometimes longer. After pressing restart, BIOS does not recognize the SSD (it is omitted from the boot list compeltely). The SSD only reappears after shutting down the computer cold. This has been happening from day 1.

Help please!

Mobo= Gigabyte Z77-DS38

GPU=nVidia GT640

Can you post some system info for us? We need to know what MB and SATA chipset your PC is using. 


I have the same issue (SSD freeze and not recognized on restart), with SanDisk SSD (the basic version). I am running it on Asus P8 H77-V. It has chpiset Intel® H77.

What can I do? Do you have any idea?



Similar issue here. The SSD is a SDSSDX240GG25, which has been working flawlessly since June 2012.

When I power up the PC in the morning, Windosw begins to boot from the SSD. Just before I expect the login screen to appear, the screen turns black, with just the mpouse pointer on it (which I can move). The HD LED indicates activity for a few more seconds, then it settles doen to a brief flash every second (which is Windows prolling the CD/DVD drives every second, I guess). The black screen remains and I can still move the mouse pointer.

When I then hit the reset button, the BIOS does not detect the SSD any more and complains that no boor media is present. Same result, no matter how often I reset the machine.

When I then power down the machine for a few seconds, everything works as expected after powering it up again.

The next morning exactly teh same thing happems again. i’ve been repeating this procedure every day for the last week.

The SSD is connected via a Marvell SATA3 controller (I think ot’s a SE9128). Yup, I know. I then connected the SSD to an Intel ICH10R controller, with a new SATA cable, just to make sure it’s not the cable which fails avery day at the point of the boot process :-). Exactly the same effect, except that after the reset, the ICH10R spends a long time trying to detect the SSD on the port it’s attached to - of course without success.

I then copied the content of the SSD (via a raw offline copy) to a regular hard disk, disconncted the SSD and booted up with the hard disk. No issues.

I checked the SSD with chkdsk /R - which detected no errors.

I checked the SMART data.

 Model : SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25 Firmware : R211 Disk Size : 240,0 GB (8,4/137,4/240,0/240,0) Buffer Size : Unknown Queue Depth : 32 # of Sectors : 468862128 Rotation Rate : ---- (SSD) Interface : Serial ATA Major Version : ATA8-ACS Minor Version : ACS-2 Revision 3 Transfer Mode : SATA/600 Power On Hours : 3418 hours Power On Count : 160 count Host Reads : 8077 GB Host Writes : 8541 GB Temparature : 26 C (78 F) Health Status : Good (100 %) Features : S.M.A.R.T., APM, 48bit LBA, NCQ, TRIM APM Level : 00FEh [ON] AAM Level : ---- -- S.M.A.R.T. -------------------------------------------------------------- ID Cur Wor Thr Raw Values (7) Attribute Name 01 120 120 \_50 00000000000000 Raw Read Error Rate 05 100 100 \_\_3 00000000000001 Retired Block Count 09 \_97 \_97 \_\_0 3537CA00000D5A Power-on Hours 0C 100 100 \_\_0 000000000000A0 Power Cycle Count AB \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000000000 Program Fail Count AC \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000000000 Erase Fail Count AE \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 0000000000013B Unexpected Power Loss Count B1 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000000002 Wear Range Delta B5 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000000000 Program Fail Count B6 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000000000 Erase Fail Count BB 100 100 \_\_0 00000000000000 Reported Uncorrectable Errors C2 \_26 \_41 \_\_0 0000100029001A Temperature C3 100 100 \_\_0 00000000000000 On-the-Fly ECC Uncorrectable Error Count C4 100 100 \_\_3 00000000000001 Reallocation Event Count C9 100 100 \_\_0 00000000000000 Uncorrectable Soft Read Error Rate CC 100 100 \_\_0 00000000000000 Soft ECC Correction Rate E6 100 100 \_\_0 00000000000064 Life Curve Status E7 100 100 \_10 00000000000000 SSD Life Left E9 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000001476 Vendor Specific EA \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 0000000000215D Vendor Specific F1 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 0000000000215D Lifetime Writes from Host F2 \_\_0 \_\_0 \_\_0 00000000001F8D Lifetime Reads from Host

I don’t see any issues here as well.

Do I have to return the SSD? Or is there a software solution/workaround?

if the ssd has been working flawlessly on the same computer for almost a year i would lean to say this is likely an issue with the SSD itself. you may need to get it replaced.