Freezing regularly

Had this a week and it ran fine, now it has started running ungodly slow and/or freezing at first boot or any even moderate drive access. I imaged onto the drive and had to deal with creative x-fi drivers, but it originally hit desktop crazy fast. I have no idea what happened. I’ve done as much google fu as I can and found nothing but extreme related stuff.

My so far list… this vanilla version has no new firmware, I have an nvidia board, my alignment is correct at 256 x 4096, AHCI enabled, TRIM enabled but no idea how to prove it is working.

well yay… Just got back from a weekend away with the wife and while before it was getting progressively worse, I started it up this evening to a barely functional drive. Taking 3+ min to hit desktop, then freezing for 30-60 sec with 5-10sec of being able to do anything in between freezes. I tried loading newest NV drivers only to have windows stop booting at all, then to have it no longer detected by bios.

Swapped my original drive back in (same SATA port) and it loaded right up. Also put the SSD on another port during the switch just to see and it was detected by the BIOS and working just fine in windows.

On a side note, my wife’s in an Intel system has been running along perfectly so far as I know. She isn’t a crazy tech head, but she is a coder and would say if something with her comp was off. So… wth to do now…

Just curious. You got a Nvidia chipset board? Once I sold one because the Nvidia chipset did not support TRIM …

I had Win8 BSODs with another non-Sandisk SSD. What helped: I did a “secure erase” and reinstalled Win8, then I had no problems. So no Sandisk issue but a Win8 one, I would say.

I gave up on the drive. Put my original back in and been fine and staying the f*** away from sandisk.