Keeps on Freezing intermittently Especially During Startup

First time using an SSD and I thought SanDisk being a professional manufacturer of Flash Rams should not have this kind of problems with their SSD. 

Bought an Ultra Plus 256GB SSD last month and I was having rebooting troubles ever since. There was no issue before with my harddisk drive.

Tried many things including 

Installing a new OS,

Updating the Firmware

Adding the ACHI thingy into the registry

Reformatting and Reinstalling

Updating to the latest drivers 

Ensure the connections are right

yet it’s still rebooting a few times a day everyday for no particular reason. It’s frustrating and being quite tech savvy myself I have no freaking idea what is wrong with it. Heard there are many problems with other SSDs too. Anyone has any permanent or at least some insight on this matter?

Here are my SMART values

5 Retired Block Count 100   0 N/A
9 Power On Hours 193   193 N/A
0C Device Power Cycle Count 100   85 N/A
AB Program Fail Count 100   0 N/A
AC Erase Fail Count 100   0 N/A
AE Unexpected Power Loss Count 100   35 N/A
BB Reported Uncorrectable Errors 100   0 N/A
C2 Temperature 68   32 N/A
E6 Life Curve Status 100     N/A
F1 Lifetime Writes to Host 253   962 N/A
F2 Lifetime Reads from Host 253   832 N/A

can you post a memory dump? if you dont know how to get one here is a link. just follow the instructions on how to get a complete memory dump. ignore the rest.