Windows hangs with SSD after AMD driver install

Hi ,

Was wondering if anyone could help me. I bought a Extreme 240gig SSD and installed into computer and set AHCI in bios and installed W7 64bit. Everything went fine with the install. I updated my mb drivers and then continued with my Graphic drivers and this is where it all fell apart. After installing drivers I did a reboot and it loads all the way to the desk top (the windows desktop picture) but I do not get programs coming up or the bottom bar, its like it just freezes there. There is a little bit of SSD action with the led for a minute then stops and doesnt do anything, I left it for around 10 mins thinking it might be doing something. But nothing happened so I restarted it and went into safe mode and it works fine, loads up etc. So i reinstalled windows again rebooted several times, all works fine. Installed AMD drivers and it  failed at same point again. I have tried beta drivers but still doenst work. So is it the amd drivers or something else im missing .

Just wondering if anyone knows what I can do to get it working.

My specs are :


AMD Phenom 1055T 

Radeon 5770

8gig of G-skill ram

W7 64bit.

Thank you in advance Matt.

if the issue does not occur until the AMD drivers are loaded the the issue is with the AMD drivers. this is not an SSD issue. You should probably try an AMD forum. 

Hey Matt,

Did you figure out what was wrong? I’m having the same exact issue!

If I install AMD Chipset or Graphics drivers Win7 hangs on boot. 

Let me know.



Try to booting twice (in a row) into Safe Mode, see if it installs any drivers on the second go, then reboot your PC normally after that. 

Low chance of working, but I have seen it fix some unfortunate isses.

I thought it was my motherboard so I purchased a brand new Gigabyte 970A-UD3 board. I can install chipset drivers ok, but when I go to install the graphics drivers for my 6970 it hangs. I’m completely lost now. I’m wondering if it’s due to incompatibility between the AMD drivers and the Sandforce chip.