Windows 7 install reboots and hangs after first reboot

I want a clean install of Windows 7 on my 240 Gig Ultra II ssd.  But about a minute after the first reboot, my PC reboots and hangs.  I tried loading an old Windown 7 image onto the drive and and works fine. But I want a clean install.  Have AMI Bios 2.61.  I tried setting the board to ACHI mode but it did not make any difference. 

if the older image is working with no problems it is not likely an SSD issue. you probably have some sort of driver or configuration issue with the clean install. 

Have you tried doing the “clean install” to a conventional hard drive and then cloning that hard drive to your


I just tried installing Win 7 on an old IDE drive with the same results.  Guess it’s something in my computer.  Though I never had problems installing Win 7 before on it.

When you do a clean install of Windows 7 you need to;

1 Make sure your Win7 install disk includes SP1

2 Install the latest chipset drivers

3 Now run Windows update