BSOD while trying to install/format/mirror on Win8pro SDSSDP-256G

I have been trying to reinstall Windows 8 using my SDSSDP-256G. Whatever I attempt to do anything with the drives (install/format/mirror)with the drives i get a BSOD with a IRQ not less than equal. I also have tried to update firmware with both of the drives using the ssd toolkit but to no avail as they are not recognized by the program. the OS has drivers for these and it recognizes them after the reboot but I can’t install on them as it keeps bsod, it makes them pointless. I have 2 and they both exhibit the same issue. any help would be appreciated.

there is no FW update availbel for this drive. The FW it ships with is the latest. You may want to see if there is an update for your BIOS. Also it would help if you can you provide the system info and screen shot of the exact error you get when trying to install.