Windows 7 Explorer not showing drive while it shows in computer management

I just bought in Vienna a Cruzer Orbit 32 GB  technology code: SDCZ 58-032G  BM130324568V. Shop: Media Markt, Product ID: 3510.1257543 SAN.114624 CRUZER ORBI, Price: 22.99 Euro.

It was recognized by Devices and Printers of my Windows 7 64-bit computer, but Windows 7 Explorer did not show the drive while it was shown in computer management. After spending 2 days of frustrations, I found out that killing the 4 KIES processes enables Explorer to show the drive content. Now I must kill these 4 KIES processes after booting the computer, before starting Explorer. This is not an acceptable way to use the Cruzer Orbit. I cannot return the product to the shop in Vienna, because I was just a tourist there. I am demanding from ScanDisk to send me a product that does not have these problems. Please confirm this post via my email address, and I will send you my detailed address.

Just so you know:

  1. The company’s name is SanDisk, not ScanDisk.
  2. This is a User’s forum, not an official Tech Support or Customer Service forum.
  3. The problem you are experiencing with Kies processes is a known issue, but there has been no word from SanDisk on a remedy other than shutting down these processes.
  4.  As mentioned in #2, your request for a replacement will fall on deaf ears here. You should contact SanDisk directly for any warranty or technical question. Contact information can be found here.
  5. Just a personal observation here, but I’ve found it’s best not to use words like “demanding” on your first encounter or conversation with a company.  :wink:

Thank you for your prompt answer. ScanDisk was a typing error. I will try to find a better expression than “demanding”