Sandisk Cruzer not being recognized on Windows 7

My sandisk cruzer is not showing up in “My Computer”. It makes the sound when I plug it in and out and it even shows in the Device Manager. Can anyone tell me a fix that does not involve formatting it? It works fine on Macs but just doesn’t want to work in my Windows. There are very important files that I need to access and well at the moment it doesnt seem like I can. Help

See if you are running any of the apps shown here:…

They are known to cause problems with Cruzers.

It produces a sound since it detected a device. In device manager, does it show that the drives are fully loaded? Check for Windows Updates too. Download and install those updates.

Chances are you have Samsung Kies installed either now or have in the past.  Follow the steps here and your problem will be solved.  I was literally pulling out my hair over this when I stumbled upon this fix and it worked instantly.

This worked for me.

With the stick plugged in:

  1. Goto Computer Management
  2. Right-click on SabDisk Cruzer USB Device
  3. Select Uninstall
  4. Wait for uninstallation to finish (can be slow)
  5. Remove and then re-insert the stick
  6. Stick should now show as a Removable Disk

Hopefully yours should be ok too. :smiley: