Cruzer Micro 8GB recognize but doesn't appear in My Computer

OS: Vista Ultimate 32-bit

My PC detected my Cruzer Micro when I plugged in into any of my USB Drive but it doesn’t show in My Computer. A check in the Device Manager shows that the device appears under Disk Drives –> SanDisk Cruzer USB Device. It also shows under **Portable Devices –> F:**. I’ve tried changing the drive letter in Disk Management but it’s still not working. In Disk Management, it was grayed out. Sometimes it will suddenly appear in My Computer but it was empty and 0 bytes capacity.

I’ve plugged this into other PC using WinXP and Vista and it is working fine and I can see all my data inside.

Please help!

Maybe your machine’s AV or AM is blocking it.  Or Vista security settings.

Try checking in Windows explorer instead. 

My Computer is a Windows Explorer window.

My bad, sorry. Is this a U3 device? Have you tried disabling it?  

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