Cruzer micro 16GB not recognized by PC

My relatively new Cruzer micro is not recognized by my pc and laptop.  Both are windows 7.  The light on the flash drive goes on and stays on.  Under Disk Management, the flash drive shows up as removable storage, but no drive letter is assigned.  All options are greyed out except ‘delete volume’ and help, so a drive letter cannot be assigned.  The description for the primary partition includes ‘healthy’.  When I review the properties of the device, windows tells me the device is ‘working properly’.  The icon that allows you to safely remove the drive does not show the drive as connected.  Other flash drives work on all USB ports on both computers, so this is a problem with the flash drive.  Can the drive be re-intialized or is it a candidate for the trash bin?

try deleting the volume and recreating it. it may give you the option to assign a drive letter then. 

I am having the same problem.  Do not tell me to recreate the volume, that is not an acceptable answer.  It is disappointing that SanDisk has yet to give a solution to this.  I see posts from like a year ago and they all end with some user posting this link:

I have remoted U3 from my sandisk years ago and have no intention of putting it back on.  I AM NOT USING U3 and the drive is not recognized on windows 7 unless the system is booted with the drive plugged in.


Hey Dont worry, This is simple thing. Cruzer not recognized