Windows 7 Explorer not showing drive while it shows in computer management

Same issue here, I can see Cruzer Fit under disk drives in device manager. (Win 7 x64).

It used to work before I added kies?

WinXP still can see it.

There is some kies interaction with sandisk usb

Quick fix - Open task manager, Kill Kies and Kies agent - now it works!

Kies version 2012-10-11 2,5,12094-28

I have a similar issue.  I can’t load a 16G cruzer.  It eventually shows up in explorer with a drive letter, but can’t access the drive.  Device manager shows the WPD driver associated with the drive letter can’t start (code 10).  Computer management hangs when I try to look there.  Killing the Kies trayagent (same version as above) solves the problem.  Interesting thing is that a 4G cruzer works fine with the Kies agent running.  Going to research this some more.

Same problem with new Windows 7 64-bit computer. Not recognizing the kies program abbreviation, pulled up task manager and could see nothing similar. Suggestions?

Massive thanks Lukasz, I was having the same problem and killing the Kies processes fixed it for me. Tearing my hair out, because it works totally fine in a different PC! Samsung strikes again :frowning:

I am having the exact same problem after installing Kies on one of my laptops window 7 .on my other laptop window 7 no issue t . I uninstalled kies and now it works again. For me I need Kies so I will just buy sony humbdrives for now on. (( PS the older version Sandisk does work with kies.)) I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to make the 8 g sandisk work with samsung Kies but could not let me know if you figure it out. Thanks


only SANDISK cruzer switch and blade pendrives were not working on only Samsung Laptop. Other USB drives were working on the same laptop and the same SANDISK USB drives were working on other laptops and PCs including MAC.

As soon as I Killed all Kies processes on the SAMSUNG laptop, the pendrives started working.

I guess there is some clash between SANDISK driver and Kies programs.

Open task manager, Kill Kies and Kies agent - reinsert usb drive and it should work.

So far I had issues with: Kies and Sony’s camera PlayMemories Home software.

This issue was reported however the compatibility lab states no issue was found. For those of your experiencing the issue could you post the technology code printed on the drives. It will start with 2 letters followed by a series of numbers and letters. It is printed along with the part number and country of origin. 

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I’ve just got a 16Gb Cruzer fit today and had this exact problem. Killing the kies processes sorted it out.

My technology code from the cruzer is BL121023298V

It is definitely Kies. I tried everthing to get my 2-32gb Cruzers to work on my win7 pc and nothing.

Saw the Kies post here and removed Kies with Revo Unistaller. Both drives working perfectly now.

Thanks to the person that figured the Kies solution. Iwould never have expected it.

Knocking out Kies via task manager worked for me… wish I found this thread 2 hours ago!!!.. 

Anyone know why this is occuring?

Anyone know why this is occuring?”

Not having Kies I can only guess but does Kies get assigned a drive letter when it is active?  If so it is possible that Windows is assigning the same drive letter to the USB flask drive, which of course won’t work.

Thanks so much for figuring it out that Kies was the problem.  I have been afraid that I was developing some serious issues with my new laptop.  All of my usb drives were afftected one way or another.  Some, like the SanDisks were not connecting at all, some very slowly.  It was scary.  After removing Kies, all is normal again.  I’ll have to decide if it’s worth having Kies.  I can connect wirelessly to my Tab 10.1, and maybe that will do.


Thank you, thank you!:smiley:

I had the same problem. It did not work on my USB 2 or USB 3 ports on a computer with Kies installed. Once uninstalled it worked. It also works on another computer without Kies.

The number on the Cruzer Fit is: BL120723298V

The same problem and the same solution.After killing Kies process Cruze Edger 32 gb is detected and works fine(The number on the Cruzer Fit is: BM1208ZNBB)

I have faced this problem for months. With a Windows 7 laptop computer on a 64 bit processor, I have experienced persistent issues reading content on a Sandisk Cruzer 16 GB USB drive. On some occasions I was lucky to access my files within minutes however on a number of occasions I have been frustrated ejecting it then loading it again. After reading this chain of messages I uninstalled Samsung Kies then attempted to read files on my USB drive but it did not work. I even changed the drive letter for the USB drive to S from E, in vain. After uninstalling Sony Play Memories software which I had installed some months back, the problem appears to have been fixed. All my USB drives with a capacity of 8 GB or 16 GB made by Sandisk get recognized quickly and the files are read with no problem. I don’t think I could have guessed that this media software from Sony interferes with the driver for the USB drive from Sandisk. I must thank this person who discovered it. A stroke of genius, perhaps ?

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I can confirm that removing Samsung Kies fixes drive issue. I was unable to new 32GB Cruzer Glide on a Win8 machine. I was able to see drive installed and drive itself blinking.

I will post on Samsung Kies forums as well. I have a GS3 and use it quite a bit. I think that Samsung and Sandisk are partners in manufactering and should have figured this out ages ago.

Hi all,

Just registered to share some importand info! My Cruzer fit 32GB didn’t show on my windows 7 x64 system anymore when I formatted. Have been poking around my running services and discovered the problem: HTCMonitorSevice, it gets installed with HTCSync to detect your HTC phone and runs in the background. The drive showed up after stopping the service. Hope this helps!

Stopping Kies is also the solution for me (a few hours lost with this one, definitively more than the cost of the drive)

I have W7 and Kies (which is not the latest …)

Cruzer Slice 16 GB