Another 16GB Cruzer not working under Win 7 64bit

Having the same issues as many others with a new 16GB Cruzer Edge bought from PC World yesterday.  Not completely recognised by Win 7 64bit running on a Toshiba Satellite.  Sometimes appears as a drive, sometimes not.  When it does appear and you try and use it you get a  Media Not Present  error. Same thing in Drive Management, there’s an allocation but with Media Not Present in the detail.  It works fine on other equipment.  Never had this problem with any other stick.

From the number of forum entries here and elsewhere there is a major compatibility problem with Win 7 64.  I suppose I will have to take it back as  unfit for purpose  but that entails a round trip of 50odd miles!  You can take it  SanDisk  is off my supplier list! (and my Christmas List!!)

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Better check device manager first and see if the device driver is fully loaded here.

I have exact same problem. I bought a 16GB and 8GB and they both do the same thing with ‘no media’ present in disk management. No issues in device manager. Shows as a Cruzer switch USB device and no driver problems.

I have the same problem with a Cruzer Edge 32 GB on Windows 7 x64 When I insert the key, the drive is shown in windows explorer but when I try to access it, appears empty. drivers are ok, re-installed so many times … On vista win32 the key works well. Is anyone in SanDisk taking care of this issue that has been detected from many users ? I think I never will buy again other sandisk usb keys … Thanks for the attention

Poor you.  If only you knew how to Seach for answers.  :cry:

ANybody who has samsung kies program in computer and sandisk flashdisk… they donot work togather. in start menu of your windows (mine is w7 home) write “msconfig” and enter.

then a window will appear. there, you go to statup and uncheck everything about KIes. this is the startup programs to start automatically when win starts. it will as to resatr. do it.

then next time your sandisk will not be recognised. dont care. without touching sandisk, shut down computer and turn on again. every thing will be fine.

I read it smwhere and applied 4 myslef now everything works.

Kies? you have to start manually when you need.


Perhaps if Sandisk were to issue a fix, or at least explain that their hardware doesn’t like working with Kies, and perhaps if the links you keep directing people to had solutions in rather than just 1000’s of people all saying the same stuff, your comments would be useful.

Try directing people to an answer instead of just on a merry-go-round of other frustrated users trying to get their usb sticks to work. Otherwise, don’t put anything.

The simple fact that there are hundreds of posts for people trying to find a solution says that the solution cannot be found easily. It is clearly a common problem, so try helping instead of simply adding to the problem.

You’re a GURU apparently. Try acting like one.

Personally I think the problem is a Microsoft problem.  Windows has always had problems assigning drives letters and support to removable drives.  Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.  Plugging the same flash drive into the same port on the same machine it was used previously and it gets a different drive letter.  Why?  How?  For what reason?  So Windows assigns a flash drive to the same area of RAM as Kies and it doesn’t work, who’s at fault?

I understand your frustration, nobody likes a problem when they are trying to do something else.  A permanent fix would be in everybody’s interest but to fix something you have to be able to identify it and if you can’t the problem continues.  At least people have found workarounds so all is not lost.

BTW The Guru classification is based on number of postings not intelligence or accuracy of information posted.  :smileyvery-happy:

I’m having a weird malfunctioning… I’ve already unistall Kies, but something wrong keeps with my Win 7 64 bits home premiun. 2 flash drives Cruzer Blade: 4 GB and 16GB… 1) I connect the 16Gb at a USB port -> works fine. 2) I disconnect the 16Gb and connect the 4Gb at the same port -> Works fine. 3) I disconnect the 4GB and connect the 16GB -> Doesn’t work anymore. 4) I connect the 16GB at another USB port of my computes -> Works fine. But if I’ve putted the 4GB before at this port, problem… So, if I put the 4Gb at a USB port, the 16GB doesn’t work anymore at this port until I reboot…

Each time you plug the devices in do they share a drive letter?  ie The 4GBer gets drive letter G: you then plug the 16GBer in, does it get drive letter G: also?

OK Guru–

I’ve got four SanDisk Cruzers, two 4 GB, one 8 GB and a Cruzer Glide 16 GB,  They all worked at one time on my WindowsXP, Toshiba Laptop, then they started not working once in a while, and now not at all.  Windows does not recognize any device when I plug them in.  All other USB Flash drives I have work fine.

The Cruzers all work with my Linux Machines.  I don’t have any Samsung Kies program installed.  Any ideas?

In addition to the Samsung   Kies app reports have indicated problems with:

HTCMonitorSevice , it gets installed with HTCSync to detect your HTC phone
the Sony PC Companion service (PCCService.exe)
Sony Play Memories app.

And sometimes, rebooting helps.