Cruzer blade 8 Gb and 32 Gb not showing on my computer

I have 2 DOK’s Cruzer blad 8 and32 GB.

Windows 7 64 Bit.

The Dok wil show on device manager but will not show on My computer.

In disk managment it shows but with no partitions, just a letter.

On enothe copmputer it works fine and I can access both of them.

I have tested them on 4 other coputers and in all it works fine.

i have formated one of them and converted them to NTFS but not working.

When I insert them and I uninstall it from the device manager It will show once. The second time it will not show .

Pls help!!!

buy another brand, sandisk support it’s the worst

Check out this thread:

It relies only on Windows driver. make sure that your license for Windows is activated and do an update on it. Hope this helps.