Cruzer Blade not work at windows 7

I just bought a Cruzer Blade 8GB

But my Windows can’t read or write a single file into it, or to format it.

I use win7 pro 64 bit. And I test it at winXP, its run normally.

Please help

sory for my english

do you get error message when you try to write or read files from it?

have you tried all the usb ports on your computer?

also try using another usb drive to test if its the computer or the drive…

I’ve got the same problem! Given this is a SanDisk forum you’d think someone from the company would have suggested a solution though!! :cry:

This is a user’s forum. Given that SanDisk Tech Support has a toll-free phone number 1-866-SANDISK (726-3475) you’d think someone looking for an solution to a problem with one of their products would have called it though.

If you have Samsung Kies installed, uninstall or close the running agent. This will fix the issue. Hope this helps.