Will not Power On

Device went dead while running, and may have gotten some sweat on it when connected to waist band of shorts.  Ran with older Clip 100s of times and never had this issue.  2nd time using this unit.

Now, device is not responsive to Reset (holding for 1 minute or longer) or any buttons if not connected to USB.  Once connected to USB and computer, “Connected” screen comes up, and I can format, transfer files, etc., but when I remove USB cable, device immediately powers off.

Unit purchase in May 2012 and just brought out of box since older Clip was finally showing its age.

Sounds like a wire became disconnected from the battery. This was a common issue with the older ‘original’ clip. If it’s one of the newer Clip+'s or Clip Zip model, this fault is much rarer but still theoretically possible. You can call SanDisk about a possible warranty replacement, but the odds are not in your favor; they go by purchase date to determine warranty coverage, not when you initially opened the package or started using it. And unless you live in the EU where the warranty is 2 years, you’re a couple months past the 1 year coverage here in the Staes.

Still, it won’t hurt to call and ask. Just don’t be disapointed if they reject the claim.

“Sounds like a wire became disconnected from the battery”

I would say that is the case if it powers up properly when connected to an ac usb adapter or usb battery pack. If it doesn’t power up though when connected to an external power source(but without a data connection) then there may be corrupt files on the player. Before I start using a new Sandisk player I always format it via the player’s menu(or in your case if you can’t turn it on to do that, format it via pc, then hopefully you should be able to turn it on, then format it again via player menu. It seems that often some of Sandisk’s sample files put on the player are corrupted, although some of your music files might be corrupted.

Likely a disconnected battery lead, as noted above.  If SanDisk won’t provide a warranty (or courtesy) replacement (but, please try–you might be surprised), you also can try opening up the player carefully yourself and reattaching the battery lead, resoldering OR using conductive glue, which may be easier for you.