Will not play Rhapsody channels

Sansa E280R finally broke, so upgrade to Fuze+. 

upgraded to lastest firmware first thing.

Connected Fuze to latest Rhapsody version.  Authorized the device, transferred some tracks and some channels.

When I boot up Fuze+, I get the ‘subscription tracks expired. connect to PC to renew’ message.  However, tracks i downloaded (not purchased tracks) all play fine.

Rhapsody channels will not play;  get the subscription tracks have expired’ message.

When I connect it back to Rhapsody and right click Sansa Fuze+, Deauthorize is not an option, but if I go to my account, the Fuze is listed as an authorized device.

I have deauthorized and reauthorized. no luck…

PC is Windows 7 64 bit; Rhapsody version is 4.0 Build 6.7

For Rhapsody , the Sansa must be in MTP Mode for transfer of subscription / protected media.  The e280R has two modes, Rhapsody and Plays For Sure, with subscription media actually possible using the current PFS (MTP) method, and MSC mode to handle Real Networks proprietary RAX format.  This format of DRM is pretty clever, as the device holds the license, not a combination of embedded media license plus the device.

One of several things can be happening on your system, but let’s try the simplest things first. Verify the firmware version, as Rhapsody Authorization glitches have been tackled with the last two revisions (builds).  On the device, check the firmware that’s currently loaded by going to Settings > scroll down to Info , and check the build listing after Version.  I have 02.38.06 on this device currently.  

Let’s check the status Rhapsody.  On the top line of the device display, the status line , you should have the clock, a colored dot (red-yellow-green), then playback / battery level.  Do you have a wee dot? This shows subscriprion media license status.  I’ll guess that yours may be red.  The presence of the “dot” shows that Rhapsody has sent license data.

Back to the Settings screen we go.  Just after Info, do you see a listing called Rhapsody Information?  If you tap on that, the diaplay is going to change in one of several ways.  If track licenses are genuinely expired, you will get a message stating “Your subscription tracks have expired”.  This screen is normally displayed when the license has lapsed.  If your email address / account name pop up, something may be amiss, as this normally will drop off with the track license being expired.

Plug in your Fuze+, and open Windows Explorer.  Click on the Fuze, and see that it connecting in MTP mode for Rhapsody.  I think it is, since you have the option available for Authorize.  Since you’re running Windows 7 64 bit , Rhapsody also supports 64 in the latest builds.

Let’s use the Device Stage.  Double click on the Fuze+ to open Internal Memory > Service > Rhapsody (do you see your account information loaded here?) > Channels > here will be the series of Channels playlist .pla files.  We want to see if everything is going into its proper location.

If so, manually force the Rhapsody Client to set up the Fuze from scratch using the Windows Format command.  Right click on Internal memory and select Format.  We need FAT32 for the Fuze+ since we’re above the 2GB floor.  After you format that puppy, unplug, and see that it refreshes the database (the Fuze+ says “loading”), then you should have no subscription warning or dot visible.

Next, plug in, and authorize the Fuze+ again from the Rhapsody 4 client.  It’s critical that you select one music track and transfer it to the device first, so we can test the system out.  After transfer, see if the track will play correctly.

Sometimes, simply authorizing the device doesn’t work correctly, so if one test track is sent over, the client builds the license data correctly.

Let me know what you get at this point.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the detailed reply neutron_bob

Short answer is I have it fixed now… as described below.

However, this is the weirdest issue I have ever run into with Rhapsody and DRM, and I’ve been a Rhapsody subscriber with MP3 players practically since Rhapsody first supporting MP3 players!

The Fuze+ firmware and Rhapsody client SW are both the latest versions.  I set Sansa in MTP mode instead of auto-detect.  There was a red dot on the top line of the Fuze+, and I got the expired message everytime I started the Fuze.  HOWEVER, all tracks that I had transferred to the Fuze from Rhapsody (all subscription tracks, no purchased or local MP3 files) all played fine with no errors.  All tracks played fine. 

However, NO rhapsody channels would play at all.  I did verify the *.pla files existed through  Internal Memory > Service > Rhapsody.

Also, in the Rhapsody client GUI, when I right click the Sansa fuze+, the Deauthorize link was disabled, though the Fuze did show up in my account’s Authorized Devices list.

This morning I decided to start over completely with DRM on my computer and with the Fuze+.  I followed the steps here to reset my computer DRM:  http://www.fixya.com/support/t3872615-sansa_fuze_telling_me_need_synchronize

Now everything works fine.

The latest Rhapsody has moved a few of the powerful tools around a bit, these used to be hidden in the Rhapsody client folders.  I have had the earlier versions go wonky on occasion, and used the DRM cleaning utilities a few times when things really got tough.

If the folder structure of the Sansa gets corrupted, the Rhapsody Channels can even disappear completely from the device.

In this case, the device can be restored from scratch as well.

With the Fuze+, the platform is a little different.  Glad you used the nuclear option and set up from scratch, as it appeared a little bizarre.  It looked like something had gone wrong on the client side.

In the future, if you notice “channel not on device” messages from the Rhapsody client, when doing an update, or Channels sizes of “zero”, don’t worry, it’s a glitch in the client only.  On the Fuze, your Channels may indeed be intact.  The proof is upon disconnect.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: