Newest version of Rhapsody detects Channels as playlists on my Fuze

After getting the “connect to your PC to renew” message, I fired up Rhapsody. It said there was a new version, so I downloaded it. Now the program detects the player normally, except for the problem in the topic title. It even scans the Fuze and does the whole “updating your player” thing. But when I disconnect, the Fuze still says it needs to be renewed. The funny thing is, the tracks will play without any problem. Even more strangely, my Clip and e200 both still work with Rhapsody exactly as they’re supposed to.

I’m using Win 7 and the latest firmware on the Fuze, btw.

gwk1967 ,

Interesting Rhapsody Channels fail, isn,t it?  I had the same issue about a year ago, with multiple Sansas running normally, and a Clip that did the “channel to playlist” flip.

Take a look at this procedureI worked out using the Sansa Clip.  Of course, there’e one big difference , use the firmware for the Fuze instead of the Clip.  The music in your Fuze’s memory can be left intact, it’s the Channels that will be reloaded from scratch afterwards.

I like the new Rhapsody 4 client.  After getting a few kinks out of the installation process with the folks at RealNetworks (I updated from the Best Buy Digital Music Store version as well) the new interface is pretty smooth.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

That did the trick, thanks. And I guess it was just a coincidence that I discovered the problem after updating Rhapsody. Before I tried your fix, I also tried syncing with my Vista laptop (with the previous version of Rhapsody), and it didn’t work properly there either.