Help with refreshing Rhapsody channels?

I have loaded 3 Rhapsody channels onto my Fuze plus with no problem.  I can’t , however, get them to update when I finish listening to them.  I tried clicking update on each channel within the Rhapsody software but the channels are not refreshed with new music.  Can anyone help please? 

Possibly there are no updates for the specific channel.  Try to update it again and see if the “Size” have increased.

see that Earth wind and fire Size did not change but the status is still updating

This might be the situation with the “radio” notated Channels.  In effect, they may be a fixed playlist that isn’t updated as regularly.  Try this: remove the affected Channel, then add it once again.  Let us know if the playlist is the same, or if an actual new set is loaded to your Sansa.

Another thing I notice with the latest R4 client is that the update / pause status can often lag for several minutes.  Check the progress bar at the bottom of the screen to see if there is any change over time.


I refreshed the channels and the size changed SLIGHTLY but upon quick review the song list looked basically unchanged.  The rhapsody server disconnected overnight so maybe the download wasn’t complete.  But again, songs still the same.

Please see next reply.

I removed the channels and then added them again.  This time the song list is different.  Thanks.  

Must I do that each time?  I was under the impression that the channels would update automatically each time the Fuze is connected to the PC.

Also, the update/pause status lagged for HOURS.  In addition on the status bar , it never shows that the download is completed.  Finally, the rhapsody server disconnected at somepoint (overnight).

It dosen’t seem like this is how things should work.  

Is it my problem with my seup, the Fuze, Rhapsody or some combination perhaps?

No worries, it’s just a Rhapsody server issue, I’d bet.  It’s possible that the system might be having trouble interpreting your loaded Channels on the new platform, the Fuze+.  When the Clip+ debuted, Rhapsody would sometimes get confused, since the Clip+ is very similar to the Fuze.  The Rhapsody client initially listed photos as available on the little guy…

The Channels are actually an internal playlist on the earlier platform, but are stored differently on the Fuze+.

As you’ve no doubt discovered, we have the Channels section nestled within Music, and you must sweep all the way over to the Rhapsody screen.  I’d love to have Rhapsody Channels available as before, in the main menu, as a special option that pops up once Rhapsody is added to the device.

Definitely, for now, if your list isn’t refreshing, simply delete and readd, if the channel is giving you fits.  It’s pretty quick to reload.  I’m hopeful that Rhapsody gets the kinks figured out soon.  Be sure to use the Check For Updates function occasionaly, as the “update available” mask doesn’t always display automatically.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

ok.  Thanks Bob.