Rhapsody channels will not transfer to my "rhapsody channels" on my Fuze

I own a Sansa Fuze 8 gb mp3 player. One of the catagories (along with “music”, “videos”, “photos”, etc.) is “Rhapsody Channels”. According to most of the FAQ’s online I should be able to transfer Rhapsody channels onto my device. When I drag and drop channels from Rhapsody to “Sansa Fuze” in the sources area, I get the circle with a diagonal line in it (it will not allow it). The owner’s guide to my device does not acknowledge that “Rhapsody channels” even exists on my device, so I guess it downloaded when I set up the device initially.
   When I select the proper button on my device, it reads that the list is empty. Can you help?       thanks, nate

First, be sure that your device is authorized from the Rhapsody 4 client.  If you click on the Fuze, the account date will display in the lower right of the screen.

With the Fuze, it’s important to have the latest build of the Rhapsody client.  Click on Help > Check For Updates.  If an updated build is available, be sure to unplug the Fuze until the updates has been completed.

The new client displays Playlists and Rhapsody Channels in a tree under the device listing.

Click on the [+] bellow the Fuze to expand this tree.

Drag and drop your desired Channels to the Channels folder displayed.

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 thanks for the reply. it may take a day or so, but i will definitely do that and let y’all know how it went.


   I did a firmware update from v01.01.11a to v01.01.22a. Here is a step by step account of the indicators in your reply; when i click on the fuze, there is no account date in the lower right of the screen, there is no Rhapsody Channels under the device listing with Playlists, and the only thing that shows up when I click the + by Playlists are my custom lists and Rhapsody Purchased Music.

   I suppose it is possible that my device doesn’t support a Channel transfer, but considering that I have a location to place channels, I think that’s likely not the case. Also everytime I try to transfer a channel, I get knocked out of my signed in status. I’m afraid that’s some spyware. Anyway, I will contact customer support. If you have any more useful info, I’m all ears. I’m a newbie at all this and I really appreciate your help.

You have two new things to acclimate to: the Rhapsody 4 client, and the new Fuze.

When you sign in to Rhapsody, check that all is well on that end.  Browse the Music Guide, and choose some sample tracks to play.  As long as they play continuously, you’re successfully logged in.

Try the Channels tab in the music guide, and you can select a channel to stream on your PC. 

You can store a list of your favorite channels to play whenever logged in.  The Library has two options: you can save a copy of the desired tracks on your PC to rapidly transfer to the Sansa, or to play when off-line, but remember that this can take up a bit of hard drive space.

Once your Sansa is authorized as a To Go device, it will “morph” into a Rhapsody Sansa, meaning that a few things will change on the Fuze:

You’ll have a new Rhapsody Channels selection and logo in the main menu.

You’ll have a Rhapsody status dot in the display.

You’ll have an Account option in the Settings menu.

This will all happen automatically once the device is authorized.  The Sansa is a RhapPFS compatible device.  All that’s standing in out way is…Windows Media Player 11.  The MTP protocol (drivers) are part of WiMP11.

Have you updated to WiMP11 yet?  This update most often fixes the MTP issue, as well as the MTP Porting Kit.

Also, on the device, while repairing (actually, installing) MTP, go to Settings > System Settings > MTP mode to hold the device in the proper mode.  If the Fuze is in Auto Detect, it will revert to MSC mode (since it isn’t live yet).

Most definitely, manually select MTP, and refer to the link for installing the connection.

Once this is done, a tree will appear in the sources pane of Rhapsody.  All you do is click on that (like folder trees), and the Channels, then Playlists, will appear under your Sansa.

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Most of what you listed I could say yes to, but there were a couple of no’s. I decided to do a rundown checklist to be sure everything was working properly. I could play anything from my Rhapsody library, stream the channel guide as well as my playlist of channels. I even have windows media player 11. But nothing would play from the Music Guide, so I’m gonna wait til tomorrow and try again. I’m sleepy. Thank you so much for your help. You’re a saint! I’ll fill you in later.

                                                                                                               Thanks again!


My music guide worries are now fine…i changed a preference and that issue is no more…as for the channels thing, i’ve been in contact with customer support at the same time i’ve been crying to you…after the firmware update that you suggested, most of what you said should happen - did. Nothing in the sources/playlists area has changed, though. Customer support gave me a link to uninstall everything - RhapDRMclean or something, but frankly, it’s not worth re-doing everthing for. plus I have to stop for a while - I’ve been working on this thing in most of my spare time (which ain’t much) and I’m tired. I gotta break for a time. I’ll be back in touch. Thanks so much!


I have seen this problem in the past. Reinstalling Rhapsody was the only thing that that fixed it for me. For Some reason Rhapsody thinks your device is not a “Rhapsody Optimized” Player.

Fortunately the Rhapsody reinstall is fairly quick.

Once you get it working the problem wont reappear in my experience.

We have informed Rhapsody of this issue.

All-righty, then. Thank you very much for all your help.