Using my new FUZE with Rhapsody

Just picked up new FUZE- 1) do I need to do anything special before I add it to my Rhapsody to go acct. and will I get (be able to drop in) channels?

  1. When will the sucker finally be charged from the USB? 

Congratulations on your new Fuze!  For the first question, you will need the newest build of the Rhapsody 4 client.

Open Rhapsody.  Click Help > About, and see what your current build is.  If you’re running, it’s time to update to the newest build, as it includes patches specific to the Fuze!  If you’re impatient, you can authorize your Fuze straight away, as long as there isn’t a MicroSD card in the expansion slot.

To Update the Rhapsody 4 client, in the same tab:  Help > Check for Updates is all you’ll need.

To authorize your Fuze, plug her in, and as soon as the device shows in the sources pane in the upper left, right-click on it, and select authorize.

As soon as you do this, the Fuze will have a new “account” selection under “settings”, and the Rhapsody Channels will appear in the main menu automatically.  You’ll also have a green dot in the bottom of the screen, showing account status…all this will change automatically once you load some music to the Fuze and disconnect.

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Thanks man, I updated to the newest build last night and have been uploading music to the FUZE for about 45 minutes. I did some reading up on here before I bought it. I did a channel (It worked!) and alot of tunes. I’m stoked! Soon I will disconnect and make sure it actually plays ( :

The sansa fuze is similiar to the c200 v2, e200 v2, and the View in that it is fully compatible with Rhapsody. You will see no indications that the player supports Rhapsody channels etc until you actually load this content on the player. Once you have your channels on the player you will have a Rhapsody option in the menu. You will also have a little dot in the lower right hand corner which tells when your licenses will need to be updated as well as an account option in the system settings.

How do you you use the fuze w/ Rhapsody? I have a new red fuze and I have never tried it with rhapsody.

All you need is to first establish that your Fuze will communicate in MTP mode.

Plug in your Fuze, then go to My Computer.  Does the Fuze list under “Other Devices” as a media player?  It will be listed by Windows in Caps and Smalls (not as E: SANSA FUZE with a drive letter).  If it doesn’t list as a media player, on the Fuze, go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP or auto detect.  You need a PC with Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed.

If MTP is not working, let us know, and we can troubleshoot that end of the equation.

All that’s required to try Rhapsody is to go to and click on the download button for the Rhapsody 4 client.

Try this thread for information, and hopefuly, the trial link is active.

Rhapsody is a lot of fun with the Fuze, and the Rhapsody client makes managing the machine quite easy too!

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