How to set up Fuze for use with Rhapsody if Rhapsody is not already installed on the player


I purchased a 4GB Fuze from Target (Best Buy did not have them yet).  I purchased this player because it got great reviews and the CNET video showed that it came with Rhapsody DNA built in.  I am very impressed with the unit, but much to my disappointment, the unit I purchased does not have Rhapsody installed, no disk came with it to load Rhapsody, and Rhapsody is not listed on the box.  In addition, I’ve read a few threads on this board that says that the Fuze does workwith Rhapsody, and at the same time, that it does not.  The rhapsody website does not list the Fuze as a supported player. 

I am now confused.  I have not yet signed up for Rhapsody because I did not want to start paying for their service until I got every lined up.  So keep in mind I have no experience with the Rhapsody software (I come from the Itunes world) that is loaded on the computer when I ask these questions:

Is it possible to get Rhapsody-to-go and Rhapsody channels on my Fuze? (this was the main reason for purchasing the player)


If so, I assume I have to load a program on the player, is this correct?  If this is the case, where do I get this software?


I understand that Best Buys music service is actually Rhapsody with another skin on top, do I have to return my player to Target and purchase a Fuze from Best Buy?

Note: I’m using Windows XP and I have Windows Media Player V11 installed.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Yes, as I stated on the other thread.

No, just drag a Channel to the Fuze inside the Rhapsody interface on your PC.

No, at this point, a Fuze is a Fuze.

Yes indeed, the Fuze is a Rhapsody PFS compatible player.  Once subscribed to Rhapsody, several changes appear automatically on the Fuze: the Rhapsody Channels function appears in the main menu, a new account status indicator appears, and account data are available in the settings mewnu.

All you need to do is go to and download the Rhapsody 4 client.  They might even have a 30 day trial, or something similar (I haven’t been to the web “storefront” in a while).

The trick with the Fuze is simple: just be sure when initially connecting to remove any MicroSD cards.  The build of the Rhapsody 4 client was getting confused by the Fuze’s Sd card.

Once Rhapsody is up and running, you can connect your Fuze, then it will show up in the “sources” pane in the upper left of the Rhapsody 4 client.  Right-click on the device, and select “Authorize”.  Then you can drag and drop away, grabbing from the Music Guide on the right.

Click on the “Help” tab at the top of the screen, then “about”.  I am unsure if the download directs you to the new build, which includes modifications specific to the µSD card issue.  If the version shown is, you will need to click on “check for updates”, and upgrade to the newest version, I believe it’s  Update 9/19/08- the new build of Rhapsody is  This new client also supports 64 bit operation, a long-anticipated functionality for some users.  This supports the Fuze correctly.

Be sure to disconnect the Fuze when updating the R4 client, to prevent the active device connection from confusing the operation.

Here’s a link to a cool Rhapsody introductionpictorial.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Here is a 30 day Rhapsody trial link.

Enjoy your Fuze.

Go Sansa!

Thank you all for the information.  I’m glad I can keep my Fuze because I think this is a real IPOD killer.  I’ll work off of your directions this weekend when I have some time.

Thanks again!