2GB Fuze - Not Compatible with Rhapsody to Go?

 I purchased a 2GB Sansa Fuze with the belief I could use my new Rhapsody to Go subscription but when I get it all booted up it says my Fuze is not compatible and I must purchase the tracks individually.  Unless I totally misunderstood the point of Rhapsody to Go I should be able to do this especially since my unit had the Rhapsody logo on the box too.

My Rhapsody software is up to date, the newest firmware update has been downloaded and my unit has been formatted a couple times already.  Rhapsody recognizes the player but will not transfer any music because it is “Not a compatible player.”

Help anyone? 

On the device, go to Settings > system settings > USB Mode > MTP.

The Fuze must be in MTP mode for Rhapsody To Go. Note that the latest build of the Rhapsody 4 Client is necessary for the Sansa Fuze (the latest build includes patches specific to theFuze).

Of course, Windows Media Player 10 / 11 is required for the MTP drivers.

The Fuze is what they call a RhapPFS compatible device: once authorized by the Rhapsody client, you will have a new Rhapsody Channels icon in the main menu, plus “Account” will be available under Settings.

If you start Rhapsody, and connect the Fuze, if it appears all in CAPITAL letters with a drive letter, the machine is in MSC mode.

To update Rhapsody 4, click on Help > Check For Updates and you’re ready to go!

If the device won’t authorize, formatting will usually cure all ills (but it will clear the device’s music).  Go to Settings > system settings > Format > Yes. 

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Ok, I did have it in MSC mode but that’s because it was the only mode in which Rhapsody (or even windows for that matter) would even recognize I had it plugged in.  So do I need to download some new drivers or what?  I have tried updating my Rhapsody and it says I have the latest build.

So where do we go from here?  

Welcome to the wild and wooly world of Microsoft!

The good news is that the communications issue has nothing to do with Rhapsody or your Sansa.

The bad news is that it’s time to do a wee bit of sleuthing with your Windows installation.

The MTP drivers are an integral part of Windows Media Player.  WiMP10 or 11 is required for the MTP protocol.  Part of this is the Janus DRM or WMDRM-10, which handles the Rhapsody DRM automatically.  The cool thing about using Rhapsody and WiMP11 is that unlike many MSC fans have discovered, integration of album art is quite seamless.

Rhapsody’s latest build will allow you to drag and drop to either the internal memory, or to the µSD card with ease; the Rhapsody Channels are the only thing that is limited to the internal memory.

If you haven’t done so, the simplest initial action to take is to update your XP installation to WiMP11, downloading the update from Microsoft.  Next, download the MTP Porting Kit also from Microsoft.

Then, simply reboot your PC.

Set the Fuze USB mode to Auto Detect, and plug that baby in!

Once it is communicating, open a Windows Explorer window (My Computer) and look for the Sansa Fuze.  Has it shown up under Other Devices, without a drive letter assigned?  If so, you’re in business at this point, and you can now open the Rhapsody client. 

The Fuze will show up in caps and smalls, not E: SANSA FUZE, in the Sources pane, if it’s happily in MTP mode.

At this point, right click on the Fuze logo, select Authorize, and load that puppy!

Let me know if it’s talking in MTP.  You can try forcing an MTP connection by manually selecting MTP too.  As a last footnote, you can uninstall the device in Device Manager and then unplug / plug in the Fuze to see if it will reinstall the driver.

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Alright to the best of my knowledge I have done everything asked of above.  My WMP was already at 11 and I downloaded the MTP Porting Kit and installed.  I formatted my Fuze and restarted my computer with it in auto and also in MTP mode.  I could not locate it in the My Computer icon or when I used the run > browse > drop down menu.  I could not locate it in Rhapsody either.  The place that did seem to recognize I had it plugged in was WMP and I was able to sync songs if I wished. 

But this does not solve my problem that I cannot take my Rhapsody to Go playlist with me because it says it’s not a supported device in MSC mode and still cannot recognize in MTP mode.

Have any other tricks up your sleeve? 

Uninstall Rhapsody and reinstall it.  Since your device is being recognized (in MTP mode) by WMP, then the problem seems to be with Rhapsody. Rhapsody support may be the way to go.  Don’t let them tell you it is the device as it is working just fine.

Hold the mayo!

The device isn’t showing up when MTP mode is selected.  This communications mode must be active before using Rhapsody To Go.  If Rhapsody will play a selected song either from your existing library, or any song selected from the Music Guide, the R4 client is OK.

The issue here is that the device isn’t yet seen in Windows Explorer.

There are many posts regarding the MTP issue…how about plugging in MTP mode and selecting the device manager to see if anything is seen first.

There’s a cool utilityhere that may help, the “fixup” utility.  Follow the described steps in this post; it’s for an e200 series device, but the Fuze will respond the same.  As you’ll see in the linkes post, the Sansa isn’t the only device that can hace issues with MTP.

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Can you help? Rhapsody won’t let me drag and drop anything to my micro SD card on my new 8gb Fuze, even though I have Rhapsody To Go. I’ve read both that you can do this and you can’t do this. Which is it, and if so, how?