Sansa Fuze Not Working Right with new Windows 7 Computer

I recently bought a new Dell computer (Windows 7, 64 bit) and authorized the computer on Rhapsody. I am able to connect my 8 GB Sansa Fuze with no problem (the computer recognizes the Fuze), and I am able to transfer music from Rhapsody onto the Fuze. 

I am having a problem, however, with channels. I had about five channels on the Fuze that were recognized as channels when I connected the Fuze to my old computer. Now, when I connect with Rhapsody, the channels appear as Playlists in Rhapsody, and I can’t refresh them, or drag over new channels to the device. Also, when I disconnect the Fuze from my computer, I get a message on the Fuze that says “Connect to Your PC in Five Days to Renew Your Subscription Tracks” (Yesterday it said “Six Days.”)

I licensed all of the tracks, and did a Device Compatability Report and everything looks fine. I also Updated the Track licenses from the Device Compatability window, but I am still getting this error, and Rhapsody is still not reading channels on the device. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in five days, but I have a feeling I am going to lose my subscription music. 

Thanks for your help. 

While you wait for an answer here, also contact Rhapsody customer service. You’re paying them. They should help you.

I did contact SanDisk and spent about 45 minutes doing the Live Chat, with not resolution. Sansa thinks the problem is with Rhapsody, and not the Fuze.

I contacted Rhapsody and so far they have not been too helpful. I found that if I plug in my Fuze first, then launch Rhapsody, I sometimes see the Channels in the Sources window in Rhapsody. Although this isn’t perfect, at least I was able to update my track licenses and Channels. The problem may indeed be with Rhapsody, which we know if buggy!  

The battle between Rhapsody and SanDisk support might be reminiscent of watching a tennis match.  The real culprit is more elusive.

It’s Microsoft.  More specifically, the DRM platform.

First and foremost, let’s get a few little details out of the way.  Just confirming: the Rhapsody Channels icon is still available on your device?  If not, this is a separate issue.

The key point to remember is that we are dealing with the Janus DRM system (WMDRM-PD).  As you have a new computer, the licenses for those Rhapsody tracks were built using the old one, yes?  The Rhapsody client will try renewing them, but cannot, as the licenses are based upon the server, your authorized PC, then the authorized device.

Though you can have three PCs authorized per account using Rhapsody, a track transferred on one of those PCs can only be renewed using the same PC that made the initial track transfer. I have tested the new R4 client, in hopes that it might have some cool code that will automate the licensing process, but it isn’t in the cards.

I was hoiping that the client would figure out that the tracks were transferred using a second authorized PC, then it could rebuild the leaf licenses, or ask if you’d like to retransfer a fresh copy using the second PC.  Well, one can always hope.

The client will not be happy with the Channels playlists if they were transferred on a second PC or account.

I see that the client looks like everything is fine, which may be why Rhapsody support may state that the problem must be on SanDisk’s end.  The issue is the integrated leaf licenses in your tracks.

As long as you have the Rhapsody Channels icon in your main menu, this part of the equation is OK.  What you’ll need to do is erase the Rhapsody content from the device using the Format function available via Settings > System Settings > Format.  Note that this will erase all media from the device.  It also may clear the Channels icon from the display.  Fear not.

With a cleared Fuze, open the Rhapsody client on your new Win7 PC.  Plug in the Fuze, and it will pop up in the Sources pane.  Right click on the Fuze and Authorize it in Rhapsody.

Go to the Radio button on the right (someone thought it cool to rename the tabs this go-around), and choose your desired channels, or the My Channels tab in the sources pane,below the Music Guide.  Add your Channels back to the Sansa (Channels tab under the device).

As long as you synchronize with the same host PC, all should be well again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: